Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Five: Laneway Essentials

(Pic from my disposable cam. ALT-J Laneway 2013)

Comfy outfit  

Denim cut offs for the pockets, you can chuck all your festy essentials in there and not have to worry about a bag. Singlet cause it’ll be a million degrees and thats about as minimal you can go without being topless. Comfy sneakers cause dancing and running round for a whole day is a total workout and girl gotta have support. Finally, a shirt round your waist for when the sun goes down and that evening sea breeze hits.

A good squad

How good (or bad) the day pans out relies heavily on the people you’re with. I’m planning on starting the day with (almost) all my fave baes and a boozy brekkie before walking down to the Silo’s. Phone networks tend to go down as well so have a buddy and a meeting spot for when you lose the squad/phone dies from trying to post that epic gram.

Card holder

This year I’m taking the essentials only and swapping out a bag for a cardholder and chucking it in my back pocket along with phone and ticket. All you need is your I.D and a eftpos/credit card. So pop those all into a card holder, card holder into short pocket. Done.

Disposable camera

The bulkiest item I’ll be taking for sure, but definitely an essential. It’s so fun going HAM with a camera and not being able to see the pictures till you get round to developing the film. It’s best when you forget about it for about six months before getting it developed as well cause, #TBT. Disposable cameras also fit perfectly into your back pocket.

Sunnies & sunblock

‘Cause you didn’t spend all summer with your kini top tied awkwardly, barely covering ya nips getting that flawless tan to have it ruined with singlet/t-shirt lines. No one can be bothered carrying round sunblock, just be sure to layer up with a decent SPF right before you leave the house. As for sunnies, go with a cheap pair that you don’t mind getting knocked around. And that also fit well, nothing worse then sunnies slipping down your face.

Words by Tyla McKenzie

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

High Maintenance

Heidi and Mark.

Okay so I'm aware this isn't exactly new. I watched all of the first season while I binged out on red liquorice one time ages ago. You've probably already seen it but if you haven't then HOLY CRAP you're missing out. Personally I think it's the best webseries I've seen yet, but I haven't seen that many so my opinion doesn't really mean much. But yeah I guess it depends what you're into, basically it's about a guy who sells weed in New York and each episode is about a different one of his customers so the cast is different every episode except for him obviously.
It's super funny and features my fave Asian babe Greta Lee as homeless Heidi and Hannibal Buress as a real sad comedian with this weird annoying non-girlfriend.
It's made by a husband and wife and I'm pretty sure they funded the first season themselves but Vimeo has backed the second season. I haven't seen the second season yet but I'm gonna.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Bitch Be Cool - This new thing I'm doing on George fm

So yeah, I'm doing this new thing on George fm drive with Thane and Kara on Wednesdays at 4:30pm. I started out going in to do 'Life Coach' but Tammy Davis did it before me and everyone was just pissed that I replaced him because obviously he was 20x better than I was ever going to be. So we changed it up and now I'm doing 'Bitch Be Cool' which is where I talk about 3 things that I think are cool cause I'm obviously real fucking cool, my mum even said so.
I choose 1 thing to eat, 1 thing to wear and 1 thing to just do.
I have done it for 2 weeks already, I think I chose things like the natural coloured organic AS Colour tee and maybe asparagus. I probably sounded really awkward because I was quite nervous and it is real fucking weird hearing your own voice through the headphones.

Anyway, here are my 3 things for this week:

1) EAT:

Eden Noodles

I went here on Monday night after softball with Lily and Paul. Lily saw it in the Metro cheap eats and was so determined to try it she made us go despite a severe limp due to the leg crap she got sprinting to third base. They said to get the Dan Dan noodles but I thought those were average. The dumplings in spicy sauce and the wontons in chicken soup were the way to go. Damn son. I'm hungry just typing this. Oh yeah and it is mega cheap. Like $8 for the large wontons which I'm pretty sure was like 20 wontons or something.
p.s it's tiny and super Asian and I can defo say that cause I am Asian. So only go with your mates who are like down with Yum Char and shit.

2) DO:

Not Funny

As if I needed another reason to go to Golden Dawn. My favourite bar now has some of my favourite people there on Thursday nights telling jokes. Joseph Harper (the captain of my softball team and nice as guy) organises the night and he always manages to pull together a pretty sweet lineup. From what I saw by stalking through the facebook events some of the joke tellers have been people like  Paul Williams, Dominic Corry, Chris Parker, Guy Williams and Rose Matafeo was apparently supposed to be there one night but wasn't.
But yeah like I said it's on Thursdays and I think it starts around 8/8:30pm.
Like their facebook page for when shows are and who's playing and stuff:

3) WEAR:

The Aim Lennie Dress

So you've probably already heard about huffer's new line AIM which is slightly more sophisticated high-end stuff for women. Well I'm obviously quite the expert as I have to sell it to people all day and I picked out this as my favourite piece. I honestly didn't really notice it initially because on the rack it just looks like a big black blob and the lookbook didn't actually do it much justice. But trust me, it's AMAZING! It's the kind of dress every girl of any size could wear. It's super baggy, so really comfy and if you wear it with the tie around the waist it's flattering and dressy or without the tie it's more smart-casual and you could just chuck on some sneakers with it!
I bought it and I'm totes wearing it to my birthday party on Saturday night.

Yep so that's basically it. I'll post this up every week after I've done it on air which will hopefully get me blogging more cause I'm currently the worst blogger of all time. I think the last time I posted was like a month ago.

K Bye!


Thursday, October 2, 2014

Assembly Label

Photos // James K Lowe

Assembly is one of my favourite new labels by a couple of Aussie guys Damien Horan and Dan Oliver. They started out in 2011 just making stuff for the guys but have decided to give womenswear a go this season dropping in stores this week!

The brand kind of encapsulates that perfect lifestyle of surfing, travel, adventure and classic simplistic design. Their Tumblr is full of interviews with people about their travels and beautiful images of seascapes and landscapes. 
The clothes are super classic, simple cuts all super wearable and versatile. The womenswear range includes the perfect shirt and drawstring shorts (pictured above) in a range of beautiful plain and patterned fabrics.
There are also a ton of other great simple pieces in the range including tees, dresses and jeans and pants. 
I photographed some of my favourite pieces with James at my house and down at down at the bay (see below).

Just simple, beautiful, staple, affordable stuff every guy/girl needs in their wardrobe.

NZ Stockists here.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

RUBY x GATTOBRAVO // Shot by Karen Ishiguro

Photos // Karen Ishiguro 

Ruby have collaborated with renowned London-based illustator GATTOBRAVO to create a limited edition capsule collection. 
GATTOBRAVO is known for her organic and fluid illustration style and has done drawings for Vogue, Vanity Fair, Harper's Bazaar and Dior.
The collection is full of so many goodies - dresses, playsuits, skirts, shorts, tops and even a slouchy sport sack badges, studded slides and a fedora. Candy-coloured jewels and gorgeous bright prints.
I love it all so much! It's all so fun. That red playsuit. Omg.
So last week I got together with the mega amazing Karen Ishiguro and had a lovely afternoon shooting these pics. They turned out so frikin great! Man Karen is good. 
Yay. Check it out yo...

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Lewis Fredericks Eyewear

Photos // James K Lowe 

I first heard about Lewis Fredericks through a friend of mine who knew the creators and thought it looked like something I would be interested in, and they were right. 
It is basically all of my eyewear dreams coming true.
Handcrafted out of buffalo horn (a by-product of the animal domestication for food and work) so obviously a natural fibre. This means they are super lightweight, hypoallergenic and the grain varies with each pair so no two are the same.

They are available in two styles 'The Lloyd' (the slightly more simple and conservative frame of the two) and 'The Foster' and three shades 'Light Horn', 'Dark Horn' and 'Yellow Horn'.

Every detail is finished perfectly right down to the beautiful soft leather cases. 

I can't wait to get my hands on a pair.


Brown & Co
Woodward Optical 

Friday, September 5, 2014

#MyMoochiStyle Shoot

State coat, Circ Tee, Des pants, Espy flats and Fob chain.

On Tuesday I got to spend the morning getting my hair and makeup done and hanging out with some of the lovely girls from Moochi. They asked me to be apart of one of their #MyMoochStyle editorials and I was more than happy to take part. I picked out some of my favourite outfits from their new season range and took some pictures at some of my favourite local hangouts like Hamilton Beach and by some of the cafes on Jervoice Rd. See the photos and a little interview with me here on Moochi's blog.