Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Liam Monument Dress

It isn’t often I feel the feeling I did when I saw this dress for the first time. It was earlier this year at the Ruby & Liam spring/summer showing. The moment I saw it I was head over heels in love. I grabbed it off the rack, felt the beautiful fabric, held it up to myself and said to Katherine “Ohhh myyy god! Look at this! It’s perfect!” and it was. It is literally my dream dress. If I were in 7th form right now I would 100% wear it to my ball or if I were 20 I’d get it to wear to my 21st. Unfortunately I don’t have either of those things coming up so I’ll probably get it and just wear around the house while I eat cheese. 
The fabric, the colour, the length, everything about it is amazing!
I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so of course I decided I wanted to photograph it on myself for the blog. A couple months later I was chatting to the wonderful Karen Ishiguro and it dawned on me! I should get her to take the photos of me in it because she creates the most beautiful elegant photos ever and that’s exactly what I want! She agreed to do it because she’s super kind and amazing and way too good to me. Then everything else came together perfectly. I spotted the location I wanted when I was walking up Mt. Eden recently and it just so happened that the weather was perfect on the day we decided to shoot. The outcome was these incredibly beautiful photographs. I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. I can’t get over how amazing Karen is.
A very big thank you to Karen and the girls at Ruby and Liam for creating and helping me capture this little piece of perfection. *insert a million sparkly love heart emojis*

The dress is set to arrive in stores on Friday 8th August and is part of the Liam Spring/Summer collection Interchange.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Nike Lunarglide 6 Launch

On Wednesday night I stayed at the Sofitel in Auckland's Viaduct for a ridiculously awesome event put on to celebrate the launch of Nike's new, super stable, lightweight Lunarglide 6! I had a fantastic time with the group learning about the shoe, trying it out, eating delicious food and even getting to relax a wee bit. I've decided to take you though the experience with a bit of a photo diary. So check out the photos and see what we got up to...

Friday, July 18, 2014

Tyla's Friday Five: Five things I put on my face this week

Skin Food Mud Mask:

I use to just like doing face masks because it made me feel glam and like I was this grown woman who had a proper skin care routine. I’ve actually forced myself to have a proper skin care routine and have stuck to it for about 4 months now, because apparently you're suppose to start anti age/wrinkle prevention in your 20’s? This mask is super cheap, gentle enough to use once a week and plant based - so no nasties. 

Antipodes Vanilla Pod day cream/Avocado & Rosehip oil:

I had been looking at both these products for a while and was really keen to try them. I’m not usually too keen on that smell that some plant based/natural products have so was hesitant to buy two full sized products with the fear that I would never use them. But then I found the limited edition mini packs, which just so happened to have the two products I wanted in the same package. PERFECT. And you know what? I’m not even sick of them at all, in fact they’re both the greatest things that have ever happened to my face and I use them both everyday. The day cream is super hydrating (good for those who have thirsty skin like me) and it makes your makeup glide on smoothly. The oil, again, good for those who need extra hydration it also works well at night after you’ve washed your face. 

3.     NARS Sheer Glow foundation:

I’ve used the same MAC foundation for the last three or four years so when it came time to buy a new one I thought I’d better branch out. As someone who reads loads of beauty blogs I had only heard amazing things about the NARS Sheer Glow and it really does live up to all the hype (you’d hope so because its not cheap) You only need a small amount, it’s light, has a natural amount of coverage and a nice dewy finish. Perfs. 

4.     Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser:

I was recently told that using an exfoliating face wash twice a day is really bad for my skin and is probably the cause of it being so dry. So with this new found information I set out to find something a little gentler. This face wash is amazing cause it takes your make up off too - perfect for when you're feeling lazy! Plus it's super cheap. 

5.     Clarins Lip Perfector:

I really don’t know how to describe this other than it’s a lip gloss without the gloss and stickiness? It has a very subtle ‘gloss’ like finish and a hint of colour, perfect for when you feel as though you need something on your lips and a chapstick isn’t enough but a lipstick is too much effort. Basically, its a muted down lip gloss that smells and feels like heaven.

Monday, July 7, 2014

AYR Fall Lookbook

I discovered this the same way I discover pretty much everything - on Tumblr. I hadn't heard of AYR ever before so I did a bit of research and from what I gather it is a label that has been around for about a year. It's only available online and was started up by Maggie Winter (formerly of J.Crew) and Jacqueline Cameron (formerly of Madewell/Calvin Klein) a very promising combo indeed. This entire lookbook is my idea of perfection. That hair, the Adidas Superstars, white jeans, ripped boyfriend jeans, comfy looking shirts and sweaters and the cup of tea!!
I think I might attempt to replicate every single one of these looks this week, including the haircut (I actually have a hair appointment this Wednesday).
Have a look, enjoy, be inspired...

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Chat with Vacancy

I went and had a great time hanging out with the lovely Emma at Vacancy last week. I put together some outfits, we took some pictures and I answered a few questions. Vacancy is a rad new online store that sells a bunch of awesome labels for men and women, homewear and vintage goodies. 

Check them out at:

More photos and the interview after the jump...

Monday, June 23, 2014

Billabong Activewear

Hey, bet you didn't know that Billabong did activewear. Well they do and it's awesome. 
I know what you're thinking! Another sassy post full of pictures of myself with my tummy showing but bare with me okay cos this stuff actually rules.
The range has it all. The sports bras are a super flattering cut and are supportive enough to run in, trust me I've been running in bad sports bras far too many times and its awful, I need quite good support and these are great. They do all the basics like classic running tights & shorts, singlets with built in bras as well as a whole heap of other bits and pieces. I'm wearing the cute little track shorts and crop top in some of these photos but they have track pants, jumpers and running jackets as well. I have the grey marl Billabong track pants, jumper and jacket myself, and wear them all constantly. 
My favourite has to be the pink running bra though. It is sooo ballet fit, which I'm obvs very into because Alexa Chung does it.

Alexa Chung doing ballet fitness.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Tyla's Friday Five: Five things I learnt when I moved out of home

I moved out of home over a year ago and while there a few things that tempt me to move back home (e.g a bathroom with a working light) I’m not rushing back any time soon. In the last 18 months or so there have been many lessons learnt and with Maddy moving into her new place I thought this subject seemed rather fitting. 

This list could go on forever but as always, here are my top five...

1. Washing powder is expensive.

And every other cleaning product ever. Is this the reason why so many flats are dirty? Because it's too expensive to be clean? Also, Napisan (which up until writing this I thought was spelt “nappysand”) is like $15 - that's like three coffees! I think I’ll stick to stealing it every time I go home and not deprive myself of my daily caffeine (#priorities)

2. How to cook more than your one speciality dish. 

We all have that one dish. It was your go-to if you ever left home to fend for yourself, and toast just wasn't going to cut it. I had a few signature dishes but after a fortnight in my first flat I realised I couldn't live on a rotation of stir fry, spag bol and mac n cheese. I have since expanded my culinary skills, although I sometimes still have cereal for dinner. That will never change. 

3. You’ll question whether you really need to wash your jeans.

This sounds really gross and I feel like I have to say that yes, I do wash my clothes. But because of point 1 and sometimes having to share your washing machine with eight other humans you do question whether or not something really needs a wash. Gone are the days where you chuck everything into a washing basket - regardless of whether it needed to be washed or not, and it comes back clean, ironed and folded at the end of your bed. 

4. $10 becomes a normal amount of petrol to put in your car. 

To be honest I only had to do this once or twice but I know when it happens I've really hit a low. It's actually usually because I've spent all my money on clothes/food/make up/crap and has nothing to do with flatting but I just feel like people who live at home never have to put $10 of petrol in their car at one time, or ever run out of petrol. 

5. That salt/pepper/oil/kitchen basics don’t just come with every kitchen. 

You get so use to having all the kitchen basics at home that when you move out it can throw you off a little. Same goes with snacks; the dumb thing about buying your on groceries (other than having to pay for them) is knowing exactly what you've got. There's never any packets of chips or crackers hiding at the back of the cupboard waiting to surprise you.