Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Dominion Rd with Kelly #2 Peasant

Picture // Kelly Pochyba

Hi guys, here is Kelly's second edition of the weekly(ish) post she is doing up here on my blog where we go to every place on Dominion Rd. It's just keeps getting better and better. 

Upon further thinking Maddy and I have already fucked this up. Eden Noodles isn’t at the beginning of Dominion Road. But it’s where we started and we’re not backtracking now.

I don’t know how to write this next part without sounding a little bit terrible. Basically Maddy and I had just done some exercise and we’re dressed in walking gear. I’m all for walking gear. I actually don’t care what you wear as long as you feel comfortable but I feel really weird wearing it in a restaurant.  

I had no idea what to expect however it was a pleasant surprise – apart from everyone looking at the two cocks who had just walked in, in fucking leggings and running singlets and Hi-Vis running shoes.

I just realised I haven’t told you where we are yet. We’re at a restaurant called Peasant. It’s the next restaurant down from Eden Noodle House. It’s super open as the walls are just….well… glass panels. I kinda felt like I was in the stingray aquarium at Kelly Tarltons but that can only be a good thing.

Okay so this is how it went down:

We sat down and ordered our drinks. I actually just had water and Maddy got soda. I thought this was a rookie move on her behalf cause you always get full off soda if you drink it before the food comes. * Maybe just me. (I don’t know how to burp.) (But more on that another time)

At this point I still didn’t know what cuisine this place was.

Spoiler alert: It’s Vietnamese.

It’s all sharing plates which I love cause I hate finishing your meal and still being hungry. This way I could eat heaps without anyone noticing - except Maddy probably would have noticed since she was the only other person there.

I’m a big fan of asking the staff what they like if I’ve never been somewhere before. It’s the best way to make sure you don’t fuck up an order and get the best food on the menu. 

Look I’m no food reviewer (I probably shouldn’t be writing this in the first place huh) but everything was good. Just very very good. Just fucking delicious actually. (I can’t believe the only word I can think of is GOOD)

I don’t know how to describe this place so just imagine if…. Blue breeze inn and spicy house had a baby. This is what peasant is. And I know neither of those places are Vietnamese, im basing this off presentation and authenticity. So this doesn’t really make sense but fuck it.

So we got 4 things. Squid, pork belly, tofu and green beans as a side. Our waiter had recommended these things so there we were, two girls with waaay too much food in front of them still wearing fucking exercise clothes. I would recommend it all. The tofu was really sweet – I’m sure it was a egg tofu, it tasted like custard which was a added bonus for me.

The experience was great. A lil pricey. $60 for the lot. Actually wait maybe that isn’t too bad considering we couldn’t finish it and it was really good.

To be honest I just CANT wait for the dodgy places. I can’t wait to walk into an establishment and smell the E rating.

I don’t know if I’m 100% sure but I think the next place is Wendy’s. I really want to skip it cause I don’t want to describe a cheeseburger. I’ll see what happens huh.

*Maddy was fine and the soda did not affect her appetite.

191 Dominion Rd
Mt Eden
Auckland 1024
Hours: 12-3pm 6-9pm, closed Mondays
09 638 6403

Monday, November 16, 2015

Things I should blog about

I'm writing a post right now mostly because I have to post the second edition of my Dominion Rd with Kelly series, and I haven't put any thing up since the last one, and I hate it when there are 2 of the same kinds of posts one after the other on my pathetic excuse for a blog. So I'm doing a REAL POST GUYS!
Sorry that was basically one big long sentence but I sort of speak like I'm just saying one big long sentence in real life.
Anyway so I'm posting about some things I thought I should post about, just things I'm into or thinking about at the moment that may be of interest to some other people.
Here goes nothing...

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Dominion Rd with Kelly #1 Eden Noodles Cafe

Drawing // Kelly Pochyba 

Hey freaks!
So this is a new adventure I am embarking upon with my good friend Kelly Pochyba. Kelly is a lanky babe I spend far too much time with and she is going to be writing this weekly post for me. She will explain more so bloody read on folks...

In my opinion, having hobbies is the coolest shit you can have. I don’t think I like people who don’t have hobbies. Get a hobby – don’t be shit. (If you don’t have one or multiple) In saying this your hobbies can be whatever you want them to be, I’m not one to talk, for the past three weeks I’ve been crafting a fucking paper mache business fish mask for Halloween. But Halloween is nearly over, which means I’m going to have to start up a new hobby.

Which brings me to why I’m here. Maddy and I are going to attempt to eat at every single restaurant on Dominion Road. We considered doing every single eatery but honestly fuck Columbus CafĂ©.  I’ve always wanted to be a Waitakere Ranges master and know every single walk off by heart but what’s the next best thing folks…knowing where I can get the best god damn dinner on Dominion Road.

If you’re wondering if I’m scared I’ll get food poisoning - The answer is yes.  The first time I went to Eden Noodles Cafe (which is actually where our journey begins) I thought I was going to die at 2am. However those dumplings are so good I’m more than happy to feel like I’m on me last day.

On this particular eve I was very hungover. I tried convincing Maddy to rain check Eden noodles as I honestly though the Sichuan peppers would rip me a new arsehole, but she wouldn’t have a bar of it. So there we were, 2 girls in Maddy’s Kia leaving our beloved Eastern Suburbs heading into the big smoke.

I’m not gonna talk you through what happened step by step. I’m gonna tell you about Eden Noodle Cafe. I know it was only our first Dominion Road stop but guys we started off with a bloody banga. Those dumps are truly the best dumps I’ve had.

If you cannot handle spice very well I say you gotta get everything mild. I think you gotta get dumplings in spicy sauce and dan dan noodles. It’s a bloody killa combo, a true masterchef dish.

A lil tip from me – get some dan dan noodles, chuck em in a bowl, add some dumps in there too and add some of that spicy sauce and faaaaark m8, thank me later honestly.

I know there’s a whole menu to explore and I’ve explored some of it in the past but honestly nothing compares to these 2 dishes. Unless if someone has recommendations please holla so I can find any excuse to go back.

The drink selection at Eden Noodles is pretty bleak so you gotta boost across the road (its on a huge intersection so be safe huh) and my beverage pairing would be a Golden Circle Golden Pash.

We absolutely demolished our meal, looked at each other, and decided it was time to get outta there.So afterwards, I felt better, the spice settled my stomach in the best way possible. All was good in the Pochyba household that night.

*Ps. There’s usually no tables cause this place is so bomb you have to wait a lil while.

*Pss, It’s worth it.

Kind regards,
Kelly Pochyba

Friday, October 16, 2015

Fargo Woolens 'A lovely place to get murdered'

Photos // Adam Bryce 

As usual, last Friday morning before work I went down to Huffer for Free Coffee Friday. But this time it was a bit busier down there than normal, there was a wee photoshoot happening! Well, it wasn't very 'wee' at all actually. Adam Bryce was shooting, Daisy Uffindell was styling, there were freshly baked pies and knitted jerseys everywhere with knives and intestines coming out of them (yes intestines). But the shoot wasn't actually for your typical clothing campaign. The knitted jerseys, beanies and mittens by Remar Knitwear were for a limited edition collection made to celebrate season 2 of the series Fargo going up on NEON. The line is called A lovely place to get murdered which is perfectly fitting with the show. The show stars Kirstin Dunst and Patrick Wilson and it is a black comedy-crime drama inspired by the film of the same name. The show (like the jerseys) is super nice yet mind-numbingly brutal. The new season is available now to stream on NEON and if it's half as good as the launch I'll be into a full season binge watch in no time!

Check out more pics from the launch below...

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Things to do this weekend

What's with me and writing lists at the moment? Okay so I'm mostly writing this because I went to this really awesome play on Wednesday and I want to tell people to go. I don't know much about plays and crap but I went to this and enjoyed it LOTS! So yep I have 4 things for you to do this weekend and here they are:

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Bitch be cool: NZFW

I should start by explaining exactly what 'bitch be cool' is... basically at about 9am on Wednesday mornings I head into George FM to talk about 3 things people should know about to make their lives cooler. I'm not sure I'm qualified in any way to do this, and most of the things I talk about aren't so much cool as they are just really specific weird things I'm obsessing over that week. But all that aside, it's a thing I do and I thought it should be on my blog. So I'm starting with my 3 favourite things from NZFW I know it's a little late but I'm late for everything. 

Fashion week left me feeling a little deflated, I'm sure I'm not the only one. I mean you spend the week staring at girls who are way prettier and have way better bodies than you, you’re surrounded by people who are smart and successful and probably think you’re dumb because they actually work for proper awesome magazines and crap and don’t just write stuff on a blog they made when they were like 18.
Blimmin' people who can actually write and don’t just have an occasional brain explosion onto a page that probably doesn’t make sense to anyone reading it except me cos I wrote it. Listen to me! I’m an insecure mess! This is what fashion week does to me *cries and smashes the free sparkling water I got from a goodie bag on the ground*.
I’m not being ungrateful (even though I 100% am) but I'm feeling like a loser and I need to vent so let me have my moment okay guys. Well actually, on the up side this might actually motivate me to go for a run instead of coming home and snuggling up to my electric blanket and smashing back a full pack of raspberry licorice. 
Some upsides of the week were Katherine letting me wear the sassy KW pants to fashion week. Well, I felt real sassy in those 'till I saw another girl wearing them who looked way hotter than me in them  -_- SORRY! POSITIVES! I also got to hang out with Olivia Fleming who is pretty much the coolest ever person in the history of life. What else… I  got some vouchers… Oh I got to sit front row snuggled up next to a cute boy which is something I've always wanted to do for some reason. I think it's because Lani (Lani Says) and her HUSBAND NOW Dave, always look real cute together front row, and I don’t know if this ever actually happened in sex and the city but I feel like Carrie would totally sit front row with Big being super cute and cuddly. Oh! And I also got over my cold which was great. It was one that only really lasted 2 days but I did take heaps of those 'go vitamins' and that yuck as vitamin C gel stuff. So if you have a cold my advice is crank dem vitamins.

Oh right fashion week! I couldn't really be bothered covering everything so I have just picked out 3 highlights and here they are...

Monday, August 10, 2015

8 ways to wear colour

I know colour can be a little bit scary, it isn't always easy to do right. 
The first thing that comes to mind when I think about wearing colour is that awkward in-between age where all my pants were a little bit too short and I wore all my favourite colours at once, plus some colours that I didn't like but were handed down to me from my big sister. Thankfully that was just before the time of Facebook and Instagram so there isn't any evidence of that online bar a couple of TBTs I couldn't not post.
But it doesn't have to be like that, it can be fun, sophisticated and even a little bit sexy if you do it right. Everyone should have a the confidence to wear whatever colours they like. Some may need a little extra help, but no worries thats why I'm here. I have done all the hard work so now you have no excuse not to wear all of the colours all of the time...