Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Style Inspiration: Colour

We're heading into winter and it's around this time that we all notice a dramatic decrease in the amount of colour we wear. This doesn't have to be the case, there are plenty of awesome ways for us to incorporate colour into our wardrobes, even during winter. We shouldn't shy away from colours during any season, colours are what make dressing fun, so we should be able to all wear the colours we love with confidence all year round.
Dove invisible dry can help you do this because it won't leave white marks, it has been tested on 100 colours so you can be confident wearing any colour you want.
I know sometimes wearing colour can be a little complicated, how do you make it look good? What colours do you wear together? What colours are in?
To help out I have done a little research and I've found some great stuff to help inspire you all to wear more colour! This season there are heap of awesome golds, mustards, yellows and tans. Yellow is my favourite colour too so I love wearing it whenever I can.

Check out some of the awesome colour inspiration I found below...

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Aje Show with Dove Invisible dry


Right now I'm sitting on my best friend Georgia's couch in Sydney watching friends. It has been a crazy week of fashion shows and exploring the city. It awesome over here, I wish I had at least 2 weeks to do everything. 
On Monday night I went to the Aje show. For those of you who don't know, it's an Australian label that started out in 2007. It quickly carved a cult following and has been worn by celebrities such as Kate Moss, Madonna and Cara Delevigne. I got to chat with Adrien and Eddi backstage before the show. Both of them were ridiculously gorgeous and sweet. Eddi told me Aje began 2007 with two good friends coming together with a similar vision, to create something there was a need for; effortless relaxed clothing as well as being quite glamorous. The collection is called Vihara, Adrien told me how they paired their heavily embellished pieces back with clean natural silks and linens. They used lots of muted colours but bought in some blues beautiful deep blues and blacks. Eddi said they tend to use a lot of earthy tones and brought in the blues a kind of a highlight, lots of whites, blacks, oatmeals. They find inspiration when finding fabrics and from there go on to create their beautiful clothes. After the show they said they were going to have little break and their first drop is going into Myer in July.
The show was beautiful and the rose-gold candles looked and smelt amazing.
Thanks to Dove Invisible dry for sending me along. Invisible dry is tested on 100 colours so now I can wear any colour I want with confidence.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Dressing up tomboy style

Photos // Tim Lambourne 

When I'm dressing up to go to an event, or anything a even little bit dressy I always struggle to find something to wear that looks good, but also fits with my personal style. I look weird with too much make up on, and whenever I have a dress on everyone is all "WOW MADDY IS WEARING A DRESS!". Having said all this I'd be lying if I said I NEVER liked wearing dresses, I mean I'm a girl after all. But for the most part I'm just in the mood to put on something that is fairly comfortable but won't make me look like a total scruff.
An awesome blazer and pants is the perfect solution to this problem, they don't necessarily have to be matching or anything but this combo is a winner. A good suit like this is a little hard to find for us girls especially if you're like me and want the simple masculine look but in a cut that is made to fit a feminine figure, no skinny leather lapels thanks. Vanishing Elephant always do a great job at this, in fact they do a great job at making all my favourite things but for girls. 
So next time you're heading out. Think about this option. You'll stand out in a room full of dresses.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spring Spa

A couple of weeks ago I decided I needed to treat myself a little bit. I was feeling stressed out and gross after a busy week so I popped into Spring Spa in St Heliers for the 45 min Spring Pedicure. I decided drag Dave along too, he had just come back from a very busy cold trip to the states and so I thought I'd surprise him. It was his first time so he was a bit nervous but he loved it. 
Spring spa is so gorgeous, the staff are lovely and the fit out is beautiful. It's the perfect place to go if you need some chill time on your own or with a pal.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Tyla's Friday Five: Five real #goals I have for 2015

Pic // Alexa cos #goals

Ok so this weeks FF is very Elite Daily/Buzzfeed/every female mag ever but after 2014 turning into a wank of a year I’m feeling all enlightened and focused so I’m gonna spread that shit round. Here are five real goals I have for 2015!


Quality over quantity with everything but friends especially. Everyone should have those few friends they can totally be themselves around. The ones that give honest advice about everything including boys, waxing, that dress you wanna buy and whether or not that's the right filter/caption choice for your gram. And bonus if they don't mind the fact that you never wear pants, ever.


I've already decided 2015 is my "focus on work" year. Being 22 I have very few responsibilities so I'm going to channel all my energy into doing awesome things that will get me to my dream job.
- Don't be afraid to ask for what you want. You can't assume that everyone already knows.
- Be nice a nice human. It's a pretty standard life rule but in terms of work you never know who you'll need to call on so be nice to everyone you meet.
- Network. It's cringe and weird but it's got to be done.


When it comes to money and spending I am THE worst so this is forever a goal of mine. Save more, spend less. The usual. But I feel like if I have it in writing then I might try harder. I'm also about to book a trip away (once I get my course related costs LOL) so hopefully having something locked in will force me to put money away each week.


Do more dope shit. It could be some extravagant European excursion, mid winter get away somewhere tropical or just heading home for the weekend. Don't get me wrong, I love Auckland, but I love leaving it more. Having trips planned gives you something to look forward to, you can leave the stresses of work/uni/life and come back all inspired and motivated.


- Be chill. I’m the person who needs a plan for everything and if I’m honest most things stress me out (especially anything involving decision making). I never show it on the outside, very few people have seen my stressy side - that’s probably the issue, maybe if I just spazzed out every now and then I’d feel way better. Anyway, my aim is to stop sweating the small stuff and know that everything always works out exactly how it’s suppose to.
- Find a hobby that doesn’t involve drinking, shopping or someone else. Suggestions welcome.
- Also, more fitness. Obvi.

Words by Tyla McKenzie.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Paper Pirates x Tokyo

Hey, so my good friend Tim did his little photo exhibition in Tokyo recently and made a video for it. He's a real hip, cool dude as you can probably tell. 
But actuals, I'm very proud of him and he is all kinds of wonderful. He has done a couple in Auckland and I think the next one is going to be in the states somewhere which is very exciting. What happens at these exhibitions is they ask people to send in their prints which then go on the wall on the night of the exhibition and people are aloud to steal them off the wall if they like them. Pretty cool eh!
They have a blog with lots of pictures taken by Tim and this dude guy Joe who makes up the other half of Paper pirates.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

5 Chunes

Hey so I'm not very good at this music stuff. I pretty much just listen to the same 3 Katy Perry CDs I have in my car on repeat. But occasionally I'll branch out and try find something new. I don't really have a specific genre of music that I'm into, I guess it depends on my mood. My taste in music is probably a good reflection of my personality... confused but mostly happy.  

So here are 5 songs that aren't by Katy Perry that I am enjoying listening to at the moment...

Courtney Barnett just played at Laneway. I think she is my new idol. Her stuff is super chill so I love listening to it on my own. 

More songs after the jump...