Wednesday, August 27, 2014

NZFW Day 2 // Street Style // WIWT

Hanging with my girl Natalie Cantell.

Today I wore the 'Lights Out' shoes by Mr W and Me. Love them so much they were the perfect compliment to my masculine outfit. Oh and by the way if you use the code MRW+MADDY before the 31st of September you will get 15% off your purchase including sale items! So go get some people!!
My pants are new season Twenty-Seven Names, my Tee is Huffer and my blazer was $20 from Forever 21 about 3 years ago.
Oh and I got a pic of Lennon from the webseries Capital Culture!! Luh dat bish.

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NZFW Day 1 // Evening Shows

Holy shit it's Rachel Rutt backstage at Stolen Girlfriends!

The second half of day 1 was awesome. The 'Underground' presentation is always one of my favourite events of the week. This year it was particularly spooky. The models sat in groups in different areas of the Silo and stared into your eyes and into your soul. Maya Cotton had a waterfall on her chest and another girl had one of those creepy white contacts in. The Meadowlark Jewellery looked great and they had Rachel Rutt as one of their girls. I'm a bit obsessed with her as you can probably tell.

The Underground presentation was held in one of the silos down in Wynyard Quarter. It featured Blue Blank, Jason Lingard, Jimmy D, Jojo Ross, Meadowlark and Thprks. It was a dark and a little spooky with models sitting and standing in different areas in the venue dressed wearing a variety of different grungy ensembles.

Trelise always puts on a great show. Giant lanterns hung above the runway and the models had hair almost as big. Highlights were the American Indian headdresses (that caused a bit of controversy), the bold prints and the bohemian style designs.

Finally the off-site Stolen Girlfriends Club show held outdoors at the Western Springs Speedway. I was disappointed there weren’t any drifting minis but those boys sure know how to put on a show. What better way to finish the day than with an espresso martini and a bit of a party. This collection was slightly more pulled back compared to their previous few collections. I’m a big fan! I loved the pop of yellow they used in some of their plain knits, I saw the perfect pair of light wash jeans and it looks like they might’ve mastered the leather jacket too.

Low-lights: A certain well-known NZ model who isn't too young to not know better being a total B backstage. Tyla saw the whole thing too and so now we're real scared of her.

Day 2: Looking forward to Zambesi, Juliette Hogan and 'aim' by Huffer

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Tyla's Top 5 // NZFW Day 1

Ty is wearing Penny Sage Jumpsuit, Huffer coat, Karen Walker Benah Bag, AS Tee, Top Shop Sandals.

1.     The Salasai show music - Obviously the clothes were amazing and there were so many pieces I decided I ‘needed’ including everything maroon and the stripe ‘bones’ long sleeve tee. But the music was amazing, they had me when Bey came on, but finishing with 50cent ‘Candy Shop’ just had me in my element.

2.      James’ jumper – James wore a jumper that said “Private exclusive members only club” poking fun at the new clubs popping up around Auckland. So great. Everyone was obsessed with it and no doubt you’ll see photos floating round the Internet.

3.     Stolen Girlfriends leather jacket – The entire show was amazing, being out in the open after a day full of hot inside shows was nice and we were prepared for the cold night, adding a few extra layers before hand (thanks Emma for the heads up). The leather jacket is all kinds of perfect and I am determined to get my hands on it.

4.     Rosie’s  Oakley – Super oversized and navy, looking something like what windsurfers would have worn in the 80’s - not many people could pull these off but Rosie managed to look super chic and cool in them!

5.     Friend chicken from Miss Claudy’s – Maddy and I had a bit of down time and managed to sneak off and have some lunch at Miss Claudy’s (who happen to have the greatest fried chicken ever.) We ate tacos’s and looked through our photos from the day so far, it was nice to catch my breath a little before heading into a hectic afternoon.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

NZFW Day 1 // Street Style // WIWT

 All Georgia Alice except shoes Adidas

 More pics of awesome outfits below...

NZFW Day 1 // Morning Shows

Contemporary Salon // Shen

Day 1, so far so good. Stressing a lot less than previous years. I think I've got this shit down, after all it is my third year now! First up was Nom*d. Whoa what an awesome way to start the week. They did things a little differently this year. One whole side of the seating area was cleared and they had 10 drummers all lined up down the side of the room. So instead of playing music they just had the drummers playing dope as beats for the models to walk to! And as for the clothes a lot of black and some other darker tones, some purples and browns with a splash of white here and there. Lots of layers and masculine styles on women.

Next up was Shen. I loved the beautiful greens and simple cuts.

New Gen featured Amber Whitecliffe and Wendy Jared. Amber's collection had lovely bright pops of red and Wendy jumped off the Skytower to celebrate the launch of her label. 

Just finished up at Lela Jacobs. The runway had awesome lightbulbs hanging down super low from the ceiling on the runway. Super drapey and layered and the make up and hair was next level. Half of their faces were painted brown with had braids and hats.

Woohoo Underground up next and later Salasai, Trelise Cooper and Stolen Girlfriends Club!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Georgia Alice

Utopia Gather Dress // Photos // Tim Lambourne

I live with two pretty damn amazing girls. One of whom is Georgia Currie the girl behind the mega amazing fashion label Georgia Alice. Now I don't want to blab on about her too much because I have another post raving about my flatmates in the works. But I will say she is one of the most amazing, talented and passionate people I've ever met and she inspires me everyday. 
This weekend she is part of the MF Gatecrashers show for Marr Factory. She will be showing her in-season collection 'Waves' which is next level amazing.
You can't buy tickets but it's free - first in first served.
Don't miss out it's going to be an amazing show.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Slip-On Vans doe.

Images // Supplied

My Slip-On Vans have been permanently glued to my feet for about 6 months now. I first noticed them on a guy friend about a year ago. Already being a big fan of the Authentics I thought I'd give them a go. The lack of laces make them the perfect lazy person's shoe, because who has the time or energy to bend over and tie laces in the morning? Not me. Plus they're a wee bit masculine which of course I love. 
I feel like Slip-Ons are a classic piece everyone should have in their wardrobe. They've been around since 1977, Sean Penn wore a pair of the Checkerboards in Fast Times at Ridgemont High and now they're appearing on fashionable feet everywhere. Timeless mate, timeless. 
Anyway so Vans got photographers Petra Collins and Olivia Bee to team up and shoot their Spring releases and the photos are awesome. 
All of these styles are available from August (now) my favourite pair is the chevron (the zig-zag ones).
More of the lovely images below...