Monday, July 25, 2011

My new stuff!

As you know I love girls in boys clothes - its cool comfy and empowering(lol)
As you also know I am a girl in boys clothes! So most of my new stuff is for boys as you will see...

I'll start with my boys NEUW chinos I bought from Store Room in Britomart I got them in this khaki/camo green colour (different to the colour in the picture but this is the only one I could find)

Hmm what else .. oh yes when to the Nike friends and family sale a while ago (thank you Lorenzo)and got my some awesome Nike Sportswear gear!
 Got a Wind Runner (wind breaker jacket)in the coolest colours ever and a NSW (Nike Sportswear) Tee 
Check it out in this picture from the NSW Australia campaign, both of the things the girls are wearing in this picture! Same colours and everything - what a coincidence! 

Also some new shoes! The classic Sk8 Hi's in black. They are kinda tough though and hurt my ankles a bit when i first wore the - all in the name of fashion :)
Oh yeah and while I remember, I got them from this awesome-crazy-cool shoe store in Onehunga. yes. Onehunga. Its called Lotsa' Shoes or something like that, and they have a huge range of awesome chucks and vans as well and a ton of other shoes like Timberland's (if that's what your into) and stuff like that!
And all for really cheep like new season chucks and vans for $80 rather than $100 like everywhere else! and my Sk8 Hi's were on the sale table for $80! Cool man!

but wait theres more!!...

I went to the new(ish) Karen Walker Playpark and of course had to buy something, so I bought this Saint James Nautical Ouessant T-Shirt. The lady said it was french i couldn't say no. 
Again didn't even know at the time but yes its for boys. hehe.
Found this awesome picture of it:

Had to pop into AS and get some new basics. That 2 jumpers and 3 tees for $100 deal is unbeatable!
So I got me a Shutter tee, a Moss long-sleeved, a Tulip pocket singy, a men's Brush crew neck jumper (my favorite, already have it in black) and the new Traction zip-up hoodie. All for just 100 buckas - I'm pretty much set for life!

Cute hoodie! 

Wow this is quite a long post!
Thats all for now.

Maddy xx

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