Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another Lazy Sunday

Its Sunday ALREADY! Wow week has flown by. I've barely had a chance to do any posts.
What happened this week?...

Monday: Late for uni, still hungover from Saturday. Charlie got back from Sydney! We drank at Calvin's. Heaps of fun.

Tuesday:Late for uni, hungover from last night. Did some rad posters for my graphic design class. Dinner with Maddy Hart at our local - Moto Sushi.

Wednesday: Late for uni, just didn't wake up to my alarm. Went shopping at Arcade with Charlie and Laura, helped charlie pack and got a sun bed(might just be getting addicted).
Got this aNYthing jumper from Arcade, Laura got a beanie, and Charlie got the hat I wanted!!(so i just wore it for ages when we got home)As well as a lovely Tshirt.

Had to babysit that night cos Laura didn't want to the slutbag.

Thursday: I was not going to let myself sleep in for the 4th day in a row! So I actually got up and went to my morning lecture which was totally boring, it was about walls. blah. But then I just skipped my afternoon class cos I had to finish my essay before work at 5. Which I did finish. So I guess that was kind of good. ha.

Friday: I went to class and drew some lovely pictures of leaves like from a tree and handed in my essay about Marcel Duchamp(very interesting guy).
Took Ben and Lucy out to Little and Friday. Love that place! But I think that they were to stoned to appreciate it. haha. Got a Cinnamon doughnut and a Ginger Latte - Always a winner.

Saturday: Yay weekend! But not yay, have to work all day on Saturdays. I told my boss I could no longer work. So in 2 weeks I will be free!! No more work. No more sorry I can;t go out on Fridays I have work. No more missing awesome ski trips away because I can't get work off. No more worrying about worrying about getting work off for when I go away over Christmas/new years. No more dreading the weekend knowing I have a shitty 10 hour shift on Saturdays and am missing out on all the fun(FOMO hard).
This is a good thing.
That night went and had drinks with Immy and we were meant to go to Bstreet but the Bcards all sold out, so we just went and had a drink at DOC.

Sunday: Well I've just gotten up, still in bed really. Might take mum to Little and Friday I think she would love it :). Might catch up with Lorenzo and Georgia. Maybe Jane too. Oh and Shaun. This could mean a lot of coffee!
Dinner with Maddy Hart I think. Lets not lie, Probably gonna be at Moto Sushi.

Sorry this is probably really boring. I just needed to re-cap.

Want to do more mood-board-like-posts. Also posts about interesting stuff like events, places, fashion, music.
I will try.

That's all. xx

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