Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm Back!

So I attempted to start doing my blogging with Maddy Hart but she was way to useless and didn't do any posts her self on what was meant to be "our" blog. So the whole Madeleine, Madeline thing was more just Madeleine (me). So here I am back to just me! - Makes more sense this way.
I'm halfway through the week and I have already managed to:

1. Sleep in and miss my first class 3 time!

2. Get drunk.

3. Spend all my money

4. Plan where I am going to spend my money when I get more

5. And not even start my essay which is due in 2 DAYS! Ohhh nnooo

On an better note, I cleared out my entire room to make way for the new carpet, which looks amazing. It was a good chance to do a big clean out, and as anybody who has been in my room would know, it is well over due for one. I found a ton of cute and funny old things, like old diaries I had hidden under my bed in which I had documented the daily dramas of my life as a 3rd former at Glendowie College (which was a whole lot bitchier than you would expect). Found some useful stuff like nail clippers and money, but most of all I found a whole lot of stuff I should have thrown out a long long time ago, but I was keeping...for nothing. I blame my Asian half for my terrible hoarding habits. 
Its done now, and the carpet looks amazing and my room is the most organized it has been in at least 5 years. Definitely a better note.

Had an awesome weekend. 
Work drinks on Friday at Rach's, which is starting to become a regular thing - I like. 
The ARC at Rakinos on Saturday. Was an awesome night! Started off at Immy, Louie & Alexa's place in Herne Bay, got super waste, danced the night away till about 3:30am. Great night.
Got this photo taken of me there..have no recollection of this ha!

Sunday was a day out with my sis. We don't hang as much as we should, I enjoyed it. We hit up Arcade, AS Colour and the Stolen Girlfriends sale. Spent up a storm on mums card oops! Also got a sun bed, as Laura got conned into buying a concession card and now has 10 sun bed sessions she doesn't need. I'm not complaining ha going for another today!
Laura got a new Arcade T, 2 Jumpers and 3 Tees for $100 from AS, and we got just a tee with "too young to die" on the front to share, cos we both wanted the same thing. 
Was very hungover this whole day. But it was still very fun.

That's all for now.
I have to go do my essay and then heading out with Laura and Charlie for a day of fun :)

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