Monday, September 12, 2011

Hangin with Mum

I've been feeling kind of sick of everyone lately. Unreliable people that don't stick to plans, and let you down time and time again(you know who you are!!). I don't know I'm probably just being majorly p.m.s but I need to vent, I'm sorry. 
So I turned to the one girl who will never let me down... MUM! 
I'm on holiday now, it was a busy last week of uni with all my stuff due in. But I made all my deadlines, oh and had my last day of work on Saturday! Thank goodness - Now I might actually have some time to myself! I want to spend some more time on my art and get this creative website up and running!(more about that later).
Anyway back to the point. Today was a 'hangin with mum' day. Went down to Britomart area to check out the new Nike SB store Co-Lab, it looked great! They have Hurley and surfboards and stuff there, very cool. Must take dad down to check it out, he loves all that stuff.
We went to Espresso Workshop for lunch its in the same building as Nike and stuff. Its quite small but I love the vegetarian mushroom and mozzarella thing they have there, the coffee is really good too. Mum got the Caesar.

After lunch we went to check out the Auckland Art Gallery. It was amazing! If you have any free time definitely go and check it out, I'll come. Its like a maze in there I had a map, but I've never been very good at reading maps, or reading at all. haha. but here are some pictures we took...

Mums fave.


Out front, this was quite literally breath taking. Go have a look at it in real life.

This moved, the flowers like opened up. So cool, a little bit creepy actually.

I'm not really sure if we were ment to take photos... but we did.

Am still feeling a bit tired and run down from the weekend, lucky I'm on holiday so I can rest. Charlies leaving dinner tonight :( .. no more skating/cafe buddy. What will I do?! On the up side, we are going to Renkon, yummm.


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