Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Super Sporty Tuesday!

I am quite proud of myself today, as I did not spend the WHOLE day on the computer like I have been spending most of my holidays! Jane and I had made plans to do some exercise and that's exactly what we did. But not before we had coffee and cake and one of my new favorite cafes - Little and Friday. We walked from Wynyard Quater around the waterfront to Britomart, where we looked in shops and ate sushi. Then According to my Nike ipod chip thing we burned like 400 calories woohoo!

I got a Ginger Latte a usual, and a yummy custard tart.

Jane got a long black - ew.

Stopped for a spot of bball with a stranger.

Got some lovely swinging shots.


This is my fave.

Photography and editing my Jane Etheridge. haha.

Great day! Mum had a nutritionist come today as well and she said we had to do at lease 40mins of exercise a day, plus weights and stuff! Hmm we'll see how that goes.
Back home now and my back is sore from slouching in front of the computer all week, and doing it again now. Changing my computer using posture to try make it better... now I feel like I'm from babysitters club.


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