Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Stuff

I'm on a budget so I can only buy stuff from as colour. I highly doubt I will be able to actually do this as the next post I am planning to do is going to be full off all of the stuff I want. Not good when I'm trying to save for Melbourne, and I now have no job cos I'm a lazy whore.
Anyway I went to as colour with Josh because he wanted to get his dad a jumper. I couldn't help but get myself a few things...

1. The new 'Marli' Women's Tee, Its in this lovely oatmeal colour which I am loving at the moment!

2. The Dash singlet, It has 2 seams down the back which look cool. Georgia had one the other day. I think I might get a bigger one so I could wear it as a dress. Like my men's tall tee(lol charlie).

Yay. xx

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