Monday, September 19, 2011


Today I did pretty much nothing. I'm on holiday, and my friends aren't so they are all busy. Plus I'm still a bit sick so a lot of T.V watching and facebooking. I need inspiration and motivation! Feeling very ... blah. 
Here's some stuff:

Hello kitty

The tights I love but can't wear cos I don't have ano legs... guts.

Love this bish - Sophie Hirschfelder. Kinda reminds me of Erica.

I'm going to make french toast for the girls in the morning.

My new board - soooo dope.


Leigh Lezark

Dr. Martens - I love this campaign

Have had this on my wall for years.

Peggy Oki/Idol

Navajo people as in Navajo print.

Going to get up and actually do shit tomorrow, kind of getting that wasting my life away feeling. Not good. 

That's all 

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