Thursday, September 15, 2011

Penny Skateboards

Lorenzo has been raving about these for a while. I have been wanting to get a skateboard too, something just for getting from A to B not for tricks and stuff, and something small so its easy for my weak arms to carry. This is perfect.
Penny Skateboards are Australian made. They are plastic, injection moulded. Available in heaps of different colours(even glow in the dark!!!!). They were originally released in the 70's and now they are back!
All of the colours are dope, but theses are the ones that I like. You can change the wheel colours too.

Apparently they are getting them in the new Nike Co-Lab shop in Britomart where Lorenzo works like tomorrow! Woop gonna get me one!
One of these will be awesome for summer, cruising round the bays.


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