Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired!

So I think I'm sick. My body is aching, skin is sore, and I am tired all the time. I have been like this since Sunday... and I am SO over it! My back is sore from hunching over the computer but I'm to tired to do anything else. Well that's a lie, I did find enough energy to drag mum out to get me some new Country Road PJs. But they will definitely get a lot of wear if I keep feeling this crap. 
Maybe I need iron or vitamin C. 
I ate a pear this morning, and a kiwi fruit! That might help!
Oh and also had coffee with mum at Agnes Curran, the people there are lovely and the coffee is good. I got this tiramisu muffin thing - omg soo good. Should have taken some cute photos dang.
Back home now, going to go see little Lu for her birthday.
Happy Birthday Lucy!!xx
Supervillans tonight... don't know if I'm feeling up to it :(.

In bed, in my new jim-jams.

Get well soon me.

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