Friday, September 9, 2011

So much to do, so little time!!

So rushed, but needed to blog. Just quickly... World cup opening tonight - its going to be crazy. Found this video of Rachel Rutt on he oyster magazine website and I am OBSESSED with Rachel Rutt not just because she is half Asian like mwah but also because she is just so awesome and refreshing. Anyway this vid she says how everyone thinks shes American Indian - which people say to me all the time too! Also just cool seeing how chill and cool she actually is. Watch here.

The there was the matter of my outfit. Mum said it looks like I'm wearing my PJs. Sad face. I was in a rush and the socks were a last minute decision(they are my monster socks). Saw heaps of people today as well so I hope I actually didn't look like to much of a dick!

Going to drink coffee, skate, then work. Will post up pictures of art and crap soon. Just have to get the pictures of Laura's phone.

Ahhgg so much going on! 

What does one wear to an opening ceremony?


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