Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Top 5: Favorite Cafe's

Soo since I spend like 90% of my time and money on going to cafes(slight exaggeration).
I thought I'd do a top 5...

5. Little 107

Wanted to put a new one on here. A great location right in the middle of Ponsonby rd. It is new so still pretty quiet whenever I go. But I like this. Went just the other day actually! Its a great central meeting place before a shop around Pons rd.

4. The Chiller

My uni cafe! On St Georges Bay rd. Its kind of self service, but not. They have heaps of really good sandwiches that they toast up real good for you. I got the croissant like everyday for 3 months, that is also very good. The pies are to die for, as well as all kinds of other salads and slices and things. Plus they remember my name now, that's always kinda cool.

3. Benson Road Deli

Trusty old BRD. Had to include it in here, its close to my house(Benson rd, Remuera), you can always get a table(cos its so big), everything you want and expect on a cafe menu and it all tastes good too! Everyone loves the Eggs Benedict from here because it has heaps of sauce and a big crunchy hash brown. Mmm all this food talk is making me hungry.

2. Little and Friday(New Market)

I have never been to the original Takapuna cafe but I can only imagine how great it is judging from New Market. I love love love the Ginger Lattes, they taste like Christmas in a cup :). They have lots of cute little cakes and pastries that all taste great. Attached to Martha's Fabrics, its cool too go check out the all the cool fabrics(and think of all the stuff I want to but never will sew) after lunch. The savory stuff is really good too. They have two big shared tables and the best part is they give you an animal figurine instead of a number for your order!

1. Zus & Zo

I come here all the time, they make lots of yummy sandwiches as well as a great Cajun chicken salad which is awesome. The coffee is great, and they make the best mocha's ever! My favorite thing to get is the toastie, at times I crave it. The staff are also so lovely. I love sitting out front on a nice sunny day. It is on Jervois rd, Herne Bay, at the top of Albany rd. Next door to Melanie Roger Gallery which always has some cool art to go have a squiz at after lunch.

Hope you liked my first top 5! Hopefully I'm going to do them for all sorts of things. 

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