Monday, September 5, 2011


Last week was a good week.
Tried my best to make it to uni everyday, I didn't make it EVERY day, but I did do a lot better than last week.

Attended a crazy flat party on Wednesday, after my dinner and drinks in Ponsonby(I have found a new chill spot, and that is Bonita Ponsonby rd - lovely place). The party was good caught up with lots of old friends from school. Lots of girls in skin tight dresses and heels ... err... and then me, in my baggy pants and Free Runs. Definitely the odd one out.

Went to SuperVillains on Thursday night. Didn't get any photos, but I can tell you it was freakin epic! Those guys know how to entertain.

Friday, blah.

Saturday, Work. Then ma boy Lorenzos 21st party. Some lovely speeches and amazing food - wouldn't expect anything less. Followed by a short stint in town.

Sunday/Today, I'm procrastinating. This week is my last week of the term so everything is due in. This means I actually have to be in class. So if you see me, and I'm not, MAKE ME GO! Have drawings to be drawn, sculptures to be sculpted and a ton of written crap too. Not to mention all the computer stuff that just drives me mental(GRR ILLUSTRATOR & INDESIGN).
But other than avoiding homework, today was an awesome day. The weather was so nice which meant I could get outdoors! Charlie got his new skate deck from Arcade and so we went for a bit of a skate in Ponsonby outside Calvin's work.
Went for coffee with Shaun and Katy at this mean new cafe on Ponsonby rd named Little 107 I think, only opened on Monday. I'm going again tomorrow with Georgia. I'll get photos and crap. Its so cool.

Here's my current to do list: (I think it will be good for me to start writing them)

- Finish uni work
- Catch up with Lily for once in my LIFE! (I miss you gurrl)
- Join Gym
- Post a dope review on my new favorite cafe
- Post more review like posts, rather than just boring stuff about my life
- Find interesting stuff to post
- SAVE for Melbourne
- Eat more healthy
- Hang with Charlie before hes gone :(

So much to do.

Here's some pictures ..

Stuff I liked at NZFW...

Huffer shit was dope. Kewl 5 Panels.

...and look Huffer bit the shoes I liked! haha

Quite liked Liam also....


Photos sourced from

That's about it I think.

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