Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wild Wednesday

The holidays have been very 'low key'. I need to motivate myself to get up and do some really good constructive stuff! I want what to do some art, exercise, eat healthy, clean my room and all that jazz. Hmm maybe tomorrow.
Wednesday was rather tame, but 'Wild Wednesday' sounds way better, plus I like to use alliteration in my titles. hah.
Woke up late. Went for coffee with hart at L'Assiette in Britomart. First time id been there, have walked past before and thought it looked very cute. They have lots of lovely pastries, I just got a coffee and a vanilla eclair. Nice place, I might go back for something sweet soon!

After I dropped Maddy at work I picked Jane up and we went to see the stunning Imogen at AUT to try on some stuff. Then we got ready and went to our dinner at Thai-Me-Up in Ponsonby where we got a bit boozy on our byo wine. Then off to PSC for after dinner drinks. How civilized we are.

Here are the pictures from the day(again taken and edited by Jane Etheridge)

Top knot!

Jump shots! hahaha

Ponsonby Social Club

Lovely evening.

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