Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Its November!

Soooo I am having a total break-down right now. 
Its the first day of November. Which also means its my birthday month. I'm not happy, Why? Because I'm going to be TWENTY on the 20th of November! Big sad face! I am sooo not ready to leave my teens behind! I want to stay young forever!!!! Like Peter Pan. I feel like I want to write a big list of all the things I need to do before I AM OLD! 
On a a happier note, Erica with be coming back 3 days after my birthday on the 23rd of November!
Also wore my friend Imogen's clothes who is a fashion student at AUT and they all looked amazing! Check it out below (I'm the fatty in the middle).

Other than that, less than 2 weeks left of uni. Break-ups and break-downs. Calvin and Laura are going to start the 'McTavish Leather and Co' leather good company soon, I can't wait they are going to do so well! 

Other than getting old... Feeling pretty happy at the moment :)
That's all! xx

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