Monday, October 31, 2011

This week

Its been a mad week. I love doing these boring recaps of my week that no one will read, but then I can go back and see all the stupid stuff I did in a few weeks, maybe months, or even years!
The beginning of the week I was freaking out I had an essay due on Friday that I had not even read the brief for. Plus a whole bunch of other uni work. But once I started it only took like 1 day! Woo. It was about Japanese art being influenced by western society :) - actually super interesting!
The the weekend came! Well Thursday... and I went for drinks at golden dawn with my girl Maddy Hart. Met James, Chris and Katie there. So much fun, tried the Falling Water Cocktail, Feijoa vodka, Chi and cucumber - sooo good! They were having Halloweek and we got our faces painted :)

Maddy Hart took this cool photo of me and James.

Friday was an unexpected massive night. Followed by a really bad hangover. Went to Library bar for the first time though and it was pretty cool.

Saturday I was so tired but had to go to the Zombie Prom. Another big night. So fun. 

I went as Wednesday Addams. Ha ha me and lily on Saturday.

Helped lily with the sashes and her outfit. Her and Louie looked fab.

Sunday went to watch James take photos with Olivia. It was nice. The photos look awesome.

Only 2 more weeks left of uni! Have to put my head down and get some good stuff done so I pass, and get into next year! Ekk! 2 Weeks 4 assignments - wish me luck!

That's all.

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