Thursday, November 24, 2011


I love the word Brunch. Partly because it relates to the fun me and my girl Maddy Hart have merging words together to create new words, kind of forming our own language, and partly because it also combines my two favorite things to do together, going out for breakfast(when I get up in time) and going out for lunch.
I eat out way too much as most people know about me already. But hey, I'm not going to stop. So here are some lovely breakfast and lunch dates I have been on recently...

Dizengoff, Ponsonby Rd. Came here with Maddy Hart for breakfast. I was feeling fruity so I got the seasonal fruit. Hart got the roast veggie salad which was lovely. So easy and yum. Love Dizengoff.

Last lunch with Louie(sad face). My good friend Louie left to Sydney last week(why are all my friends leaving me?!?!). We had our final lunch at Agnes Curran on Ponsonby Rd. Its so nice sitting outside there on a sunny day. Aw makes me sad, miss you Louie!!

Today I had lunch with Imogen at Ripe on Richmond Rd. So much great food there! I decided it was my 'finishing uni for the year, celebration lunch' as today was my official last day! Yay!

Lovely lunches. Many more to come!

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