Monday, November 28, 2011

iPhone Diaries

Taking crap-loads of stuff up those stairs, phew tough work.

Immy hard at work.

Pizza and beer with Steve Whit.

Checks concert.

Wedges at Mortens with my fave girl Taryn.

Birthday cake!

Chucks only.

Laura Snelling - super babe.

Thanks James :)

Skating and bball at Wynyard.

The stoop.

Chillin out listening to old records.

My baby mobile at my exhibition.

Lunch at Ripe with Imo.

The Ksubi boots! My sister had wanted these sooo badly for sooo long and I found them!! At the black box outlet on Richmond Rd. I'm a great sister, I know.

Yummy coffee Shaun made me! He has the chocolate sprinkles down to a fine art.

I think I'm going to start doing posts like this on the reg. It's fun.


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