Sunday, November 27, 2011

My 20th Birthday!

Jane made me this - amazing!

Had my birthday recently, didn't really want this one to come. It was the first time I had properly felt like I was dreading getting older. Now I'm 20 - no longer a teenager. It just seems weird... But I got over it. 
Had a wee BBQ with close friends to celebrate and got some amazing gifts which was so nice! Here are some photos:

Devils on Horseback - YUM!

Kathryn Wilson Heels...

and Opening Ceremony Heels from mum.

Ecoya candle from Imogen, smells sooo yummy.

APC shirt from James, love it so so much!

Five Each tee from Laura, such a cool wide fit looks so good on.

Thanks everyone for the gifts and for coming to hang with me on my birthday, its really mean soo much to me. Love you all lots.
I'm starting to not hate the fact I'm 20. Maybe even like it a bit. My friend Louie made a good point, he said how when you're 20 people kind of take you more seriously, which I like. I think I just needed to stop thinking about the bad things. Thanks Louie!


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