Monday, November 7, 2011

New stuff!

As I have said azillion times before, I need to save for Melbourne... and now I pretty much have nothing saved at all! But I do have a bunch of new stuff!! Woo!! Check it...

Necklace and rings from 3rd eye on Krd. Only about $30 total!

Commoners Alike singlet, in me and Hart's fave colour - Putrid Pink(no sure if thats actually what its called but we think its a good name for it).

A much needed Parka, from Witchery.

Low flats for those conservative family events.

I suck at saving and mum's going to flip when she see the credit card bill! Ekkk!! NO MORE SPENDING TILL MELBOURNE!! Other than a few gifts i still need to get... aw no. Having a minor break-down.

Uh oh.


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