Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Stuff I Like / Ideas for Christmas

I always have a huge wish-list. Usually filled with clothes, shoes, jewelry and anything else I might see.  It makes no difference that it's Christmas time, well maybe its just made my wish-list even bigger. Here is some stuff that has caught my eye, but it isn't just stuff I want for me. Some of it I want for myself, and some of it I want to buy for others. Take a look, see if you like, steal some ideas!

Bought one of these in red for my sisters Christmas present last year. She loved it, still does. Still uses it today. Originally wanted it for myself but it was 4pm on Christmas eve and I hadn't gotten her anything so I grabbed this from fabric just in time! Now I want it in black. 

Love em.
Also the Dover Street Market E-Shop has free world wide shipping till the 23rd I think!

This dress is just amazing, I love the print, the length, everything! Spare $995 anyone?

Looks so comfortable and easy to wear. Plus moths are dope.

I love the fabric and colour. Shirt dresses are so my thang.

Obviously I already have one of these but they are a pretty cool gift. My mum always said to get gifts that are those kind of nice things that you would never buy for yourself. I bought this for myself... but you get what I mean. 

These are only $35 each, and are so cool.

These and any other the other things from PA. Its the best place for gifts not just PJ's, tons of little things, like I bought Georgia these little silicone tea cup shaped thingies you use to cook cupcakes in, and the candles there are divine! Plus they do super cute gift wrapping.

And lastly, what I would most like for Christmas is to some how transform and BECOME ALEXA CHUNG!
She got the style award at the British fashion awards, well deserved I think. She is actually really cool girl too(like in this interview). Gosh some people just have it all don't they...

I'm sure there will be soo many things I will think of to add to this list, but this is all I got for now.


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