Friday, December 16, 2011

iPhone Diaries

So I'm back from Melbourne, it was amazing in case you hadn't heard already. I didn't want to leave but I'm glad to be back to hang with Erica and catch up with all my homies. Here's some of the stuff I've been up to, post Melbourne...

Zus & Zo! Erica is a salmon fiend.

I am a fruit fiend.

Caught up with my girl Immy Wilson!

Can't wait till Splore!

Some of my talented friend Shaun's work.



Love a good personal joke.

Stopped by Real Groovy.

Shaun got me the Yoshitomo Nara notebook I have wanted for sooo long. Love it!


Lorenzo's new backpack(also gifted to him by Shaun).

New wax.

Always driving everywhere.

Cool art in Shaun's yard(made from that old house on College Hill).

Quiz night!

Little and Friday!

Always driving everywhere!

Yum Char!

Gettin festive!


Dinner party.


Katherine is awesome + Arcade, Thursday night. What a blast...

Its been fun.

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