Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A New Year!

Over a week into the new year, this is a pretty late 'new years post' but I feel like it has to be done.
It hasn't really sunk in yet. Usually I would have had all my resolutions written down about a week before, and I'd count down the down the days, so excited for the big celebration with my friends, as well as the thought of a fresh start and new things to come blah blah... Always hoping the night would be a lot like the clip below :) ....
I know it's all so cheesy. But I'm pretty cheesy.
This year was different. I had no big celebration. I was so busy I didn't really think about the fact it was new years eve till about 3 hours before the count down, and I've only just started to think about resolutions/goals.

Last year I...
- Finished a year of uni(fairly successfully).
- Made some new friends, and kept most of my old ones.
- Had an awesome trip to Melbourne with my friends.
- Spent less time going to parties and a lot more time going to cafes.
- Got fatter.
- Quit my job to "concentrate on my studies".
- Spent way too much money on stuff I didn't need.
- And grew up, just a little bit.

This year I want to...
- Do more art.
- Make more friends, and keep my old ones.
- Travel more. Maybe London or the states.
- Get thinner. I guess eating better and doing more exercise come under this.
- Read more.
- Stress less.
- Most of all try figure out what I want to do with my life!

All pretty boring generic stuff I know. But Oprah says if you put stuff out there it will be more likely to happen. If Oprah said it, it must be true. :)
I think most of my resolutions came true last year, and I hope yours did too!
Unless you're a Lorenzo and think "they're stupid, and it's better to have none cos then you won't be disappointed".

Happy new year everyone.


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