Monday, February 27, 2012

McTavish & Co Leather Bags

McTavish & Co is a little something I am working on with my sister Laura, and of course my friend Calvin 'McTavish'. It all started when Calvin made himself a couple of bags because he couldn't find a satchel type bag that was quite right. He wanted something classic looking, made from real quality leather, that wouldn't "break the bank". Calvin has always has great style(I think it is because he's half french), and works well with his hands, so the bags he started making were AMAZING. People started taking a lot of intrest, asking "I love your bag, where's you're bag from?" and "ill pay you to make me one!". This is when we started thinking why not start a bit of a business? Thats where my sister and I stepped in. Poor old Calv couldn't do it all by himself! 
So we started  McTavish & Co!
Laura has left us for now to go and travel the world, but luckily our very good friend Malcolm Campbell has stepped in to help us out. Malcolm will also be working on a few other awesome things, and not necessarily just bags!!(Malcolm just came back from dabbling in a bit of shoe design in Europe!).
It is all very exciting. We are in the VERY early stages. But we have made some samples, and a facebook page.
Here are some photos of our bags:



  1. I totally missed this post and I'm always up to date with your postings?! Those bags look INCREDIBLE and I love the photos!! BTW you look super cool on K.I.A! Love the cardigan and your cute disgusted face!!x

  2. Nice bag. I love it :)

  3. Nice bag. Wish i can buy one for myself too.