Friday, February 10, 2012

Stuff I Like...

I spend way too much time on the Internet shopping, and just shopping in general. Haven't bought a whole lot lately, cos I just had a spree in L.A so I don't really need to. But I've seen a bunch of stuff I really like! Here's some of it...

These New Balance 410's from Fabric. Undecided about the colour. 

Pretty much all of the Weathered stuff they got in at Area 51

A puffer vest like this one. I think it will help complete the trendy fisherman/hiker thing I'm going for. Haha.

These Opening Ceremony Sinead 3's. Have no idea where I'm going to be able to get them from but they are AMAZING!

This Karen Walker 'The American Girl Sweatshirt". But I have the same one in like 2 different colours, so its not reeeeeaally justifiable.

I like this "Baseball Top" too. I think its the spots. I like the spots.

This beanie Only from Arcade. I've had an obsession with mustard beanies for like a year now, I think the might just be the one for me. 

... and this Huffer dress from Area 51. Lily tried it on, on our shopping day yesterday and it looked bangin on her! 

There are so many more things I could put on here, but I have to go clean my car. 
Hope you like!

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