Tuesday, February 28, 2012

This Week at Fashion Festival

This week I will be at Fashion Festival! My friend the super awesome Katherine Lowe will be documenting what I wear each day on her blog, and of course I'll be wearing converse errii day! Look out for the four others who are doing it too: 
A couple of cool dudes Jasper Seven and Vinnie Paunovic. Leilani Momoisea from Lani Says and finally my friend the super lovely Alyssa Hiyama.
I'll take my camera along and get some photos of some of the cool stuff I see there!
Here's the first photo of the week:

P.S. I was totally going to put up photos from today, but its late, I have uni in the morning, and I cant find my memory card reader. So you will just have to wait. Sorry! 
First lecture of the year tomorrow, unenthused woop.

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