Monday, February 13, 2012

The Week That Was...

Goodbye Erica! Will miss you.

I'm going to try and do this every Sunday to kind of recap on my week and what is going on. This week was mostly good. I'm still on holiday until about the 16th I think, not actually sure when we start back... should probably sort that out. But anyway its all very summer-fun-beach-sun-holiday stuff, but I might as well make the most of what holidays I have left. Here's what went down...
- Ericas leaving party/Erica leaving. Sad to see her go but I think she was excited to go home back to her family and friends in NYC. 
- Went out on the boat and caught 6 snapper and just had an amazing day with the guys. 
- Had Yum Char twice! Which is actually less than the week before. As well as a few lovely cafe lunches, and a dinner at Tanuki's Cave.
- Took Shaun and Dog up to Steve's for a awesome afternoon at the beach and gave them a go on the paddle boards. 
- James's exhibition. It was so good, and I had a fun time too! Its still on, go check it out it's definitely worth a look. 
- Went to Zara's yard sale. It was pretty awesome the DHDFDs played and the neighbors were all on their phones, calling noise control, looking very unimpressed. 
- Also went to the Ruby pop-up sale store, and it was so good! Heaps of cool stuff and super cheap! Go check that out too.

Here's some photos from the week.

The boat.

The first fish.

Yum Char!

The venue for Laura's leaving party.

Shaun's new beanie from Arcade.

The boards on the car.


Lily's lush looking fruit.

Biddi at Jaffa cafe.

James's exhibition.

D.O.C post exhibition.



Dark Tanuki's.

Coming up this week I have Splore, Laura's leaving party(come along, she has an AMAZING venue, live music and all are welcome), Valentines day, Charlie gets back from Sydney and a Ruby thing with Mahala. So plenty to look forward too! 


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