Monday, March 5, 2012

iPhone Diaries

Coffee with Katherine at Jaffa.

Last week was super busy for me, with uni, NZFFMcTavish and Co stuff and going out for coffee everyday(a necessity) . I didn't get nearly enough sleep or food, but I had fun so that's all that matters. Here are my iPhone photos from the week:

Tea with Mahala.

Visiting Lily at work(the only time I get to see her, she is the busiest person in the world).

Rakinos with Mahala and Lorenzo. Its the best place to go for an afternoon snack/drink.

Fashion Festival.

Malcolm and Calvin built a wall in the studio. Sometimes having boys around does actually come in handy!

Laura Snellings new car. Amazing!

Bidniss(our word for business) meeting at Dizengoff.

PFC(Ponsonby food court). Love that place.

Imogen has a cool watch.

Lunch at Catroux.

Found Erica on the new issue of Scenezine.

Got me some Rekorderlig Strawberry Cider. It is sooooo good, try it! You can only get it from liquor land and some place called BCC. 

Last drink with Emma.

Hanging out backstage at NZFF.

At the Tresemme seminar with Emma and Lani.

Brought James lunch.

Back at NZFF.

LOVE this outfit. (Liam)

Felix looking fly.

Ollie showed me you can do this with a coke can! So cool!

Malcolm just being suave.

Bidniss meeting 2.

The boys working hard in the studio.

I got out for coffee way to much I know. 


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  1. I miss you so much. These photos make me so jealous