Friday, March 23, 2012

iPhone Diaries

Last week was another busy week for me. The usual stuff, uni, bags, coffees, dinners, plus a whole lot extra! 

Had a hand in for uni on Friday and of course left everything to the last minute. But a few all nighters meant I made the dead line. Phew, that takes the pressure off for a wee while.
Other than uni, McTavish & Co stuff is going really well! We are trying out new canvas colours and always making new cool things so keep and eye out on the Facebook page and 'like' us if you haven't already! Also the website should be up and running any day now.
My weekends have been exceptionally wild lately, which is not like me at all! But things seem to have just worked out that way lately. Its been fun. But, as with all wild nights there have been a fair few cringe worthy moments too(note to self: disable instagram whilst drinking). 
I've been helping Katherine out with a few things here and there which is always heaps of fun, plus it means I actually get to hang out with James too cos otherwise he is too busy working and stuff to hang out with me.  :(
Hannah Morgan finally got back from working in Japan, and I barely got to see her because she left shortly after for Australia! Go Hannah, she is a total babe(as you will see below).
BUT my girl Widika Sidmore is back in town to work and hang out for a while! 
I did some shopping at the Department store. Got the most amazing Topshop jacket(thanks Mahala for pointing it out to me) and some cute polka dot Karen Walker socks. Need to stop shopping, have no more space for clothing, or money for that matter.
Went to The Department Store show on Friday night which is always a good time. There were sooo many people there! Heaps of my friends attended and there were quite a few were walking in the show too, it was awesome to see everyone and catch up.
Wow this is getting to be a rather long post. That's enough of my boring rambling. 
Here are some photos: 

My friend Bean(sits next to me in our studios) after hand in

Biddi and I at L'assiette in Britomart

Me taking a photo of James taking a photo of Katherine taking a photo lol

Library Bar

New stuff!


Cocktails(I can't afford)

Late nights

At the library with Snelling


Lunch with the Lowe's at Jaffa

Tyler Street Garage

Sup Hannah

At the Stolen Girlfriends Club sale

Dinner with the crew


We went to this awesome little noodle bar by the Britomart station


Yay finally got a Tee from Kath

Mums birthday dinner at Ebisu

Pre-show hangin at The Department Store







Grumpy Biddi


Me and Mahala after a hard day giving out free ice cream at the peroni stand, at the volvo ocean race.

Oh yeah, and the other day an elevator shut on my face! Cool. Awesome. Bye.

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  1. looks like a lovely week. all that food is making me hungry. :)