Saturday, March 3, 2012

Things I liked at NZFF Thursday Day 4

I think this is my favorite photo. 

I went in nice and early on Thursday which is unlike me(I'm late for everything). Dressed pretty casual and wore a beanie because it was cold, and when I arrive it turns out Katherine AND Emma were wearing beanies also! What are the chances? Its like a "Bitch stole my look" x3. Well I thought it was pretty funny anyway.
Hung out back stage and got some cool photos. A few of my friends were walking in the show so we helped them kill some time(they have to do quite a bit waiting around back there). I think it was my favorite show so far this week. Collection 4 featured: Sylvester by Kate Sylvester, Huffer, Helen Cherry, Ruby, Sable & Minx, Lonely Hearts, Calson, Pearl, and Workshop.
Here are the photos:

Had a quick pre-drink with Emma, She's moving to wellington. We'll miss you!

Saw this guy, he looks exactly like Common! Had to take a photo. 

Seon is soooo pretty!

Matt Purcell.

Chucks city!



Emma and Jasper(with food in his mouth).



That Jacket.

Nice dress for a 21st! (Mahala)

Love the stripes.

Need this!

Post show with Lani, Emma and Katherine.

More great photos from our night here.


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