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Weathered Interview Area 51

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A while ago my good friend Lily told me that they had just got some new womenswear in to her work(Area 51) by the label Weathered. She said it was really cool, and I would love it. She was right. It is totally my jam, chinos, shirts and shirt dresses, parkas, knits and tees. All awesome simple designs and great colours, nothing too frilly or tight.
Anyway the point is I found this interview on the Area 51 website with the guys that make it. I just think its awesome how they say their focus is to create timeless designs you can wear season after season. That's what I think we definitely need more of.
Have a read for yourself...

Weathered AW12 has just hit the stores, up until now they have only provided for the gentlemen, tailored classic shirting, pants, knits and jackets, but this season we are bursting at the seams with excitement over their first women's collection. We caught up for 5 minutes with the Sydney-siders to find out more about whats happening...

Tell us a bit about Weathered the brand...
The Weathered label is made by the team behind Australia's Incu boutiques. It's the culmination of 10 years travelling, countless conversations and lessons learnt (often the hard way). It's clothing that we love to wear and pieces that fit seamlessly into any wardrobe. With a focus on simple design, fabrication and comfort we think Weathered will be the shirt you throw on without thinking or the Chino's you return to season after season.
What influences the range?
Our design team are heavily influenced by their travels, constantly inspired by things they see and do abroad. In contrast, they also find inspiration closer to home with items from AW12 named after friends and family that serve as unwitting mentors on a daily basis. You'll find that the ranges will never be influenced by the latest trends of colours, rather Weathered take a timeless approach to fashion and focuses on making garments that will wear well season after season.
You haven't done any womenswear in the past, what made you decide to branch out this season?
It was a natural progression for us, and a challenge we felt like we were ready for. You'll notice that the AW12 women's collection is simply a slightly more feminine re imagining of the mens range; however for spring/summer this year you'll really start to see the women's pieces begin to hold their own, we are really proud of both collections!
AW12 must haves from the ranges?
We really feel like the coats, jackets and blazers stand out in this seasons range. We put alot of effort into lifting Weathered above simple shirting and knits. We love the Quentin Peacoat in the mens range and the Newton Long Sleeve tee in the women's.
Weathered AW12 Men's and Women's collections are available in all our stores and online now.

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