Tuesday, March 27, 2012

YMC (You Must Create)

YMC is a clothing label from London, where they have two stores. It was started by Fraser Moss and Jimmy Collins in 1995 as just a menswear label, but started making womenswear AW08.
I think I must have said this a hundred times before, personally I find it so much easier to find mens clothing that I like, but when it comes to stuff that is made for a girl, it all gets a bit to tight and frilly for me. But YMC seem to have done a pretty decent job, I particularly like the shoes. Mens stuff is awesome too. 
Here's a cool quote from something written about them that made me like them even more :

Since 1995 YMC has slowly and quietly evolved into a highly significant label. They are now among the prime exponents of a highly British form of modernism in clothes design. Where others are increasingly concerned with the fleeting, the transient and the contingent, YMC follow the Corbusian precept that form follows function. The results, free from fads and fripperies, are as close to timeless as clothing gets.

“Favoured designers are those anonymous souls behind the functional clothing of the factory worker, the soldier, and the outdoorsman”

Which is partly why you’re unlikely to meet any of YMC’s creative team at the fashion industry’s merry go round. They are more likely to be found in the flea markets of Europe, or rifling through scratched vinyl at local boot fairs.

Here is some of the stuff I like :

They do ship to New Zealand but its really expensive.


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