Tuesday, April 24, 2012

iPhone Diaries

I need to think of a new name that's not iPhone Diaries because half of the pictures are taken in my new camera so the name no longer really makes sense. Ideas?
Holidays are over now, so back to uni. Its nice to have a fresh start after being a bit slack last term. Our new project is pretty cool too. Hopefully I'll make some work I'm actually proud of and be able to post some of it.
Last week was pretty busy.  Unfortunately I didn't really have much time to just relax and do nothing during my holiday, with the trip to LA first week and heaps to do second week, like starting a new job(will have a post about that soon), catching up with friends, and just generally sorting my life out. I feel like I'm always so busy now, but that's a good thing! 

Here are some pictures from the last week or so because everyone just likes pictures better :

Asahi at Masako on K Rd 

ARC Radio Thursdays 7-9pm Bfm

I met Ruby.

Went to the "Alpha Beta Bitches" party at flagship. It was crazy awesome. Auckland needs more parties like that!

Mum made the best salad EVER!

Hangin with the lovely Widika Sidmore is always good.


Jordan and Widika/the artist and the model. Ultimate couple.

Hello Kitty wanting attention.

James got his Polaroid camera!

Yay Kath's home! But she will be leaving me again very soon :(.


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