Saturday, April 14, 2012

Los Angeles Trip, Day 3

I wrote this on the plane on the way home. Haven't had time to post it until now...

Today was my last day in LA and I don’ t think I'll be coming back any time soon. I’m pretty lucky to have been able to come over twice this year. The more time I spend a place, the more I start to think about what it would be like if I lived there. What area I might live in. Where I might hang out. Its just fun to imagine. 
I’m on the plane right now, mum got me a business class seat so I get an awesome little bed to sleep in, and the flight wasn't very full so I'm actually in a cabin completely by myself! Im always well looked after when mums working on my flight. God I am so full right now, just had a 3 course meal with a double serving of desert!

Today in LA was really good. Mum was so good, drove me all over the city again! 
Our first stop was Jones on 3rd. Katherine suggested this place to me so of corse it was great. Mum loved it too. Its sort of a deli/cafe. Good food, good vibe, cool people. 
Next stop was La Brea. This is where the shop Union was, that James told me to check out. Next door was Stussy, Undefeated and And Still. All four stores were so awesome, some of the best i’ve seen so far. I found an amazing Florida Panthers jumper and a Cardinals T shirt from And Still, which is a store that has all, brand new never worn before, vintage sports team paraphernalia. I should post up some photos of all my new stuff when I get home. 
After that we popped by America Rag which was just down the road a bit. American Rag is such an amazing store, its so huge and stocks everything clothes, shoes and a whole massive section just for jeans. The have heaps of cool labels including stuff like ksubi and nudie. It was pretty ridic. 
Oh man, places like that you could only get in America.
Just before we had to head home to take the car back, and so mum could have a rest, we quickly stopped by Hollywood, Sunset Blvd and the Standard Hotel.
Took a photo next to Sandra Bullocks Star(my favorite actress) and put my fingers in the imprints of Marilyn Monroe’s hands(yes purely because of the Kelly Rowland song).
At the end of my day while mum had a sleep I just went up to the local shops for a final blow out. Got at least 15 new items from Forever 21 alone. Man that place is cheap. 
Now here I am. On my way back to NZ. 
Well ... Los Angeles, it has been fun... Until next time!
Hopefully, next on the agenda will be Sydney, New York or London.
Here are the photos from the day:

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