Monday, April 30, 2012

This Week...

I spent so much time at uni this week. Well for the average student it would have been a pretty normal week, but I actually thought I was going to die by then end of a 3 hour critique on Friday. I just hope the hard work pays off. 
Tuesday I attended the lovely Showroom 22 event, Blue Sky at Australis House where I saw Spring/Summer 2012-2013 collections by Juliette Hogan, Salasai and Alexandra Owen. It was a really fun night, my favorite part was this Salasai print.
Went for some lovely lunches and dinners as usual.
Finally I ended the week with two of my closest friends 21st birthday parties. It was a great way to end my stressful week, catching up with people I hadn't seen in far too long and partying with the parents.
Here are some photos from this week:

This weeks work.

Blue Sky.

The blogger corner!

Widika looked AHHHmazing.

Went to Hulu Cat Cafe after.

Went for breakfast on Anzac day with mum and dad before work.

Lunch break with Liz.

Last dinner with Kath before she left for MBFWA. I'm so excited to see all the posts this week!

Johnny's 21st.

My mate Tom Wright from Thanks came up for the party...

...and we took him to Yum Char.

Don't really know what to expect for next week. I hope uni chills out a bit, and I would like to do a lot more posts then I did this week. I have plans to catch up with a few friends but thats it really.


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