Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Photo Diaries

Lunch with Katherine at Grassy Knoll.

I've always thought this, and recent events in my life have just made me think this even more. 
Everything always happens at once. 
Life will be boring and non-eventful for aaaages. Nothing interesting or exciting will happen, and all you will want is for something, anything to happen. Then, all of a sudden something does happen and then BOOM! 100 other things just pop up out of nowhere and before you know it there is way too much happening and you just want some time to do nothing. Funny that.
So over the last week-ish I have had one of those 'BOOM' moments, and its all a bit much for a little 20 year old girl who has pretty much just cruised through life without a care in the world so far. 
All of a sudden there are big decisions to be made and the responsibilities have started to pile up. I wish some super amazing, wise person could just come and tell me the right thing to do and I could just do it, and everything would work out fine. But I don't think its that easy. 
I think the stress is getting to me. I've started to question everything! Not good. 
Holidays are coming up in 2 weeks. Then I have a 5 WEEK BREAK! Hopefully I can hold out on going crazy until then.
Its not all bad, I got some awesome photos!
Have a look below:

Lunch with mum at Queenies.

The awesome coke crates they use as chairs.

Hanging out with Hello Kitty makes everything better.

Kath at Henrietta Harris's Exhibition. Its on for at least another week so you should go check it out! Its below Agnes Curran

Some of Henrietta's work.

It was Malcolm's 25th birthday party at the studio on Friday night. There were cupcakes and beer.

Happy Birthday Malcolm.

Barilla crew Katherine, Sarah, Sarah, James.

This picture makes me so hungry.

Shaun set up his new studio.

Danny rocking an awesome McTavish & Co beanie!

Katherine doing what she does best, nerding out.

So I think I found the worst tattoo ever.

Ben had dinner at the Budd's!

Picked out some Paper Pirates submissions.

Ok now I need to go get some work done.

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