Sunday, May 13, 2012

This week...

One of the awesome Arcade x Pass-port badges.

As usual lots of lovely lunches and hanging out with friends... and although it may seem like that is all I do, I actually do heaps of other boring stuff too but I figure nobody wants to hear about that. 
But just in case you were wondering, I have so much uni work to do I want to cry. 
I just want to curl up on the couch and watch Sandra Bullock movies forever. 
Also happy mothers day to my amazing mum! She is so good to me and is my bestist friend in the whole wide world, I love her to bits.
Here are some photos of the highlights of my week:

Teriyaki Tofu from Renkon. Only my favorite thing in the world!

Shaun made pizza the most amazing pizza.

Katherine got back!!! Yayy!! I'm obsessed with her new Vanishing Elephant jumper.

Area 51 with Sarah and Kath.

Have a look at some of the Paper Pirates submissions they are pretty cool.

Domain & Ayr with Claudia.

Ice Cream at the gelato place on Ponsonby road (I think its called Casa del Gelato)with Elizabeth and Widika. They have Ferrero Rocher flavored gelato, its amazing.

Coffee date with Carlo(the coolest 3-year-old in town).

Another great McTavish & Co creation, the 'neck satch'.

Lunch break at The Department Store with Mahala and Biddi.

A tough week ahead. Wish me luck! 

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