Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Last Week...

Widika and Immy.

I've been pretty slack with the blog over the last week. I don't think I posted anything at all! But with good reason. It was one the busiest weeks I've had all year. Mainly because of uni stuff, I had 3 assignments due in. But the weird part was that I actually kind of enjoyed it. I think it was the first time all year I began to really get into the work I was doing and it was a nice feeling. 
In other news I went along to the Showroom 22 media open day with Kath. It was so nice The Caker made the most amazing little cupcakes, and I had some of this really yummy minty Kokoleka hot chocolate. My favorites in the show were definitely twenty-seven names and the Adidas Originals Jeremy Scott. A few of my favorites Widika, Alyssa and Seon were in the show looking amazing as usual.
Of course I still managed to find time to go out for a few lunches and hangout with friends.
I felt I had a reason to celebrate after all my hard work at the end of the week, so I went out and had a crazy fun night at Rakinos for The ARC on Saturday night. Those boys really know how to throw a party. I never fail to have a good time at The ARC.
So here are a whole bunch of photos from the week taken on my photo and my camera(which has an snazzy new case, see below):

Lorenzo and Georgia.

Hot chocolates and chips with Lily at Rakinos.

My foot, Lily's foot.

Me on a bike at work.

Laura in White age 10, me in leopard age 7.

Got hotdogs and Mojitos at Tyler Street with Sarah, Sarah, Kath and James.

Zus & Zo with Georgia.

Shaun made me a lovely breakfast (at 12:30pm).

Widika at Showroom 22 in Glassons.

Alyssa in Adidas Originals Jeremy Scott.

Widika in Glassons.

Seon in twenty-seven names.

Alyssa in Jeremy Scott.

Homebrew store with Kath and my new friend Georgia.

New camera case!

Kath and Ben at Rakinos!

Kath reading about herself in the paper.

Jaffa with James and Sarah.

The Ruby sale with Sarah and Kath. It was crazy in there!

Barilla with Kath. I always eat wayyy to much when ever I go here because its so damn good and cheap!

Yay new stuff!

Hello Kitty sitting right in the way!

Now I think I'm getting sick. 
Ohhh dear.
Hopefully I'll be a better blogger this week.

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