Monday, August 27, 2012

Hey Louis - Home Brew, Sydney

Louis Moore is a very good friend of mine who lives over in Sydney. He has been over there for a while and is just starting to get settled in. We Skype all the time so he can tell me all about the cool things he gets up to over there. I love hearing about what life is like living in a city other than Auckland. I have never even moved house let alone cities. He's a brave kid.
Louis and I like all the same stuff we might as well be one person so this makes him the perfect contributor to my blog!
So 'Hey Louis' is basically going to be where my boy Lou will write about all the cool and exciting things he gets up to in Sydney so I can live vicariously through him.
Here is his first post:

Home Brew played in Sydney on August 11th at The Factory Theatre - quite a few weeks back now. Show was sick!
There were quite a lot of Kiwis there (as expected) so it made me feel right at home. Also, went with a big group of Kiwis so felt like we were all back in Auckland again.
Was definitely quite different to any of their shows in NZ as the crowd was a little smaller. But if anything just meant the drink lines were a lot shorter - winning.
Show lasted for a good couple of hours and then took a few photos and had a few drinks.
The venue was pretty cool too, about half an hour out of the city in Marrickville.
While they were over they also played in Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane. Was a dope show and I hope to see them back over again soon!

More photos from the night after the jump:


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