Monday, September 10, 2012

I'm in New York

Just got to the apartment in Soho. It is so perfect.
It's my first time in New York, and from the little I have seen already, it is everything I expected and more! So glad to be here with James and Kath. It is going to be awesome.
Feeling pretty tired after all that flying. Oh my god it has never felt so good to lie down. I have a sweet little room with a fire escape and a view out to the street. It is still early. We got some breakfast and I always forget how ridiculously big the portion sizes are in the states. So, of course I am so full I feel like I might explode. I hope america doesn't make me fat. Lol.
I'm so tired, I might try have a nap now.
But I made it!
Yay! NYC!

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