Sunday, September 16, 2012

New York Diaries Part 2

Starting to get my bearings now. I can figure out how to get to the shops from my house which is all I really need to know. We have spent our days running around the city doing all sorts of amazing things. My feet hurt like a mofo. But its worth it.
I keep saying how there are just so many cool looking people here and also how you can look super wacko and nobody will even look at you twice. There are just so many people here that no one notices you, even if you want to be noticed. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Its just a thing.
Shopping here is obviously really great too. Warby Parker is this amazing optical store Coco Campbell took us to, I got some new sunglasses from there that I love so much. They are a great price and apparently they do this buy a pair, give a pair thing where when you buy a pair of glasses they give a pair to someone in need. Which is pretty cool. Opening Ceremony is amazing. 3 overwhelming levels of just the craziest coolest stuff. A.P.C, DQM, Stussy, Supreme, are all great and close to our place. 
The chain stores are all ridiculously massive. Uniqlo is great for basics, Zara has some really nice stuff, Topshop is crap except for maybe the shoes and Madewell is really nice because its smaller and there is less crap to sort through to find the good stuff.
Not loving the roaches and the hot subway. Or just the heat in general. But I guess that's just the time of year.
Going to check out Saturdays Surf and do some touristy stuff today so I better get to it!
Here are some photos of whats been going on:


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