Monday, September 17, 2012

New York Diaries Part 3

Rose, Jenny and Kath. BABES!

The weekend was heaps of fun. Friday night we got dinner at La Esquina and I got some mega tasty shrimp tacos. Afterwards we partied with Corinna for her birthday at this place called Ken and Cook and somehow found ourselves singing Karaoke at a strange little bar in bar in the depths of Chinatown. Isaac and I did a duet to backstreet boys. It was beautiful. People wept. 
Saturday we didn't actually leave the house/wake up until the afternoon. So we went to Saturdays and had lunch at Katherines favorite spot Cafe Gitane and that was pretty much it. 
But it's alright because Sunday was far more productive. We woke up early and got breakfast with the crew at this very cute cafe called Peels in East Village. Then we all went to the Brooklyn Flea Markets together. The markets were really cool. Lots of awesome little knick knacks, clothes and furniture. I got the best T-shirt ever. It has Elvis on the front and he's wearing a turban. 
We caught the ferry back and our friend Nico took us to some cool stores on Orchard Street including Reed Space and Self Edge
Finally we finished off our day at the pizza place everyone has been telling me to go to- Rosario's, and yes it lived up to its reputation.
Only a few more days left! Hopefully i'll get some more touristy stuff done and remember to buy all my gifts.
As usual I took a bunch of photos:

I look like a giant awkward schoolgirl.

La Esquina.

I know how to party.

I also have the voice on an angel.

NY has awesome street art.

Cafe Gitane.


Brooklyn Flea Market.

Expect to see me wearing this everyday.

View of the city from Brooklyn.



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