Monday, September 24, 2012

New York Diaries Part 4

That's me.

This is my fourth and final New York Diaries post. I'm back in Auckland now and although I'm sad it is all over, I'm happy to be home. 
In this last installment I have some great pics from my trip to the Natural History Museum with Coco Campbell. Who was amazing, and took time out of her busy schedule to take me there and wander around with me, reciting her strangely extensive knowledge of the exhibits. It was soo much fun. One of my favorite parts of the trip. Thanks Coco! >_<
I also got inspired, towards the end of the trip, to start taking really awkward touristy photos. I don't know what inspired me to do this. But people thought I was a weirdo. It was lol.
We hung out with a really great crew of mostly kiwis. Everyone was so much fun, and really nice and welcoming. Having great people to hang out with really made my time there amazing. 
Also having locals/people who have lived there for a while to show you around I think is critical. I don't know maybe its just me, but I tried to catch the subway by myself once and I cried.
We finally went to Pho Grand the Vietnamese place Katherine kept telling me about. Apparently its David Dallass' fave because of the salt and pepper squid. We went there for my last dinner with everyone. There is a great picture of us all somewhere below.
It was great catching up with Erica too. It is tough having one of your best friends living so far away but we actually manage to see each other quite a lot. And when we do it is always so much fun.
On my way back I stopped in LA and met up with mum. We only stayed for 1 night but it was so nice having that break between flights. Normal stop overs are the pits. 
We went and checked out Manhattan Beach on our day off because that was close to the hotel and we didn't have time to do anything else. It was really nice. Beautiful day. Surfers out by the pier. Sort of what I thought Venice Beach would be like, before I went there and realized it was crappy and gross. Then I lay by the pool all afternoon like Lauren from The Hills
So that is it! 10 days in New York. I definitely want to head back there soon. Loved it so much.
Next on the list though is London, Berlin, Japan and maybe Italy and Paris, but I guess I'll do those two at the same time as London. 
Annyyway.. Photos below:

Big tree.

Polar bear having a feed.

Snake and Coco.

That's me with the alligator.

That's me with the Dinosaur 

That's me in the walkway.

That's me outside the front of the Natural History Museum.

I think we found the shittiest car in NY.

That's a real bunny in a window display. I don't quite know how I feel about this. But he seemed happy.

At Jacks wife Frida. Such a cool restaurant!

Jenny, Erica, Kath and Dierdre.

This is the first night we met up with our old pal Phil!

Jenny and James.

Dierdre, Simon and Phil.

Couldn't resist going back to Saturdays.

Times Square.

That's me on the stairs.

Erica at Bubba Gumps.

Hershey's store!

That's me with Yellow.

Last dinner!

The pier at Manhattan Beach.

Looking off the pier down at the surfers.


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