Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Photo Diaries NZFW Day 3

We started off day 3 with the Salasai show. I thought their show was really great! Something a little bit different but different done well. I can definitely get on board with that zigzag print and the boys looked super cute in those boots. I sat next to Kara Rickard and she is pretty much the coolest chick out.
It was really cool seeing Jennifer who has been one of my favorite new faces ever since that time I saw her at Hansan. She has been rocking it in heaps of shows this week. Plus she’s half Asian like so we are pretty much sisters.
I killed some time between shows charging laptops with Mark ’The Cobra Snake’ Hunter. He is the man and he was wearing oshkosh b'gosh overalls. You can only pull those off if you're really cool.
The red dresses in the Charlie Brown show made me want to get a red dress for my 21st. Derya and Sam looked so damn cute. Ohhh my god and I cried at the end of the show when the last model fell and had to take her shoe off, and then Len Brown helped her up and everyone cheered! That was a beautiful fashion week moment.
The day ended with the Stolen Girlfriends Club show. Wow they really know how to put on a show. There were so many people there, and everyone was having a good time. The print that sort of looked like the print you would find on a little boys PJs was my favorite thing. I hung out with the girls there and got some awesome photos. Another one of Petra! Winning.
The after party was heaps of fun too! 
Photos after the jump:


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