Monday, September 3, 2012

Vanishing Elephant Womenswear Launch

As you have probably heard already Katherine is Awesome and Area 51 threw a bit of a party for the launch of Vanishing Elephants first ever womenswear range. They got Felix and Huw from VE to come over from Sydney for it. They are really cool, funny guys, and it was really awesome meeting them. Catroux took care of the food and they did an amazing job(no surprises there), the brownies they made were next level. Such an good turn out too! So many people and everyone seemed to be having a really good time.
I had the responsibility of taking the photos for the event. Not something I had done before, but apparently I did okay. Although my friends are probably just saying that to be nice.
Well done Kath and Sarah for organizing everything, it was such an awesome night. I know you guys worked very hard to make this happen and it all turned out great in the end.
More photos after the jump:

Packed out!

The brownie! 

Huw and Felix the VE boys.

Caitlin got some sweet gears!

Awesome Polaroids from the night.

Felixs hair.

Lol Teva.

More pictures from the night here.


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