Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New York so far...

I'm here and this place is crazy! There is always so much going on and so much to do. I am tired out every night and then we just go out and do it all again!
We have attended a few NY Fashion Week events, which were all amazing. Particularly the Karen Walker show. The spotted suit must be mine. Plus I got some sweet sunnies in my goodie bag.
I have met heaps of amazing people, eaten lots of great food and gone to a ton of amazing places. There is just so much great stuff going on it is hard to take it all in. So I take pictures so I can take it in later.
It is really great having Erica here, she is like family and getting to hang out with her in her home town is something we have both wanted for so long.
I went shopping today and bought so much amazing stuff. Shirts, sweaters, jeans and this amazing white dress. You will see it all in pictures soon I'm sure. Sometimes I forget that one of my few talents is shopping and I am so damn good at it, its weird. I go into this weird mode and I don't talk I just turn into a shopping machine!! Another thing I can add to my list of reasons I am a total flake and need to get some real talent.
It is like 3am here and I have been up on the computer for way too long now. I need to sleep!

Here are some more photos of the trip so far:

Stopping over in LA.

Our local deli.

James! Stairs!

Katherine, Isaac, Evan and James.

Yale Club.

Street style.

The moment before Erica and I ran into each others arms.

Fashion at its finest.

Hangin out.

Some awesome people.

Karen Walker.

This girl is flippin awesome(flippin is my new favorite word).

Isaacs new sunnies.

Bucket hat!

One of the many ridiculously cool places that are spotted around EVERYWHERE. 

James and I infront of an awesome wall.

NYFW Show.

First lunch.

Found a guy with the A.P.C Nikes!

Post Karen Walker show.

More updates soon. When I have had more sleep.

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