Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Photo Diaries

I haven't done a Photo Diaries post in ages. Or any post for that matter. Probably because I have been in an incredibly lazy mood for the last week or so. I don't know why. But it needs to stop!
All of the excitement from my trip has well and truly worn off now. Getting back to normal life has been a little stressful, you know, trying to figure everything out. But I am never not planning my next project, so there are still things to be excited about.
It is the last term at uni. Working on stuff for our big end of year exhibition. I can't wait until its all done and dusted so I can have time to watch more movies and go surfing(or just lie on the beach getting a tan).
You may have also noticed I have recently become A TWITTER ADDICT. I'm on it all the time. I'm not sure if this is one of those things I never should have started, because now I won't be able to stop. Plus I probably need to chill out on the instagram a bit too. Actually nah. I frinkin love Instagram.
Speaking of Instagram all of the photos I put in these posts are from my Instagram. I should just call it 'My Grams' or something.
More photos of what I have been up to after the jump:

Lunch at Zus & Zo with the cutest damn couple in AKL, Lorenzo and Georgia.

Went for a paddle in Muriwai, I was one of the best days I have had in so long.

Emma and BRD.

Isaac came back for his Little Brother range.

Heyyyyy Lily.

Shooting the Little Brother lookbook.

Karl. He's a cool dude.

El Buco!!

One can never have enough Hulu Cat.

My favorite, Toasted Cruesli from Zus & Zo.

Bean is my trendy pal from uni. I need to take more photos of his outfits. They are always awesome. 

Girls club Mason, Theo and Kath at Barilla.

Went and hung out at Real Groovy. I don't go there enough anymore. 

Calvin has been working very hard. This is one of the latest McTavish & Co creations.

Went to The Department Store show.

Sarah and I both wore white. We are also both half asian. TWINZZ!

Hey I ate toasted cruesli. Again.

Took Pebbles to Moustache the new milk and cookie bar on Wellesley Street. It is so cute. Get a vanilla milk shake.

It was Masons birthday! We took her to Kura for dinner and drank lychee RTDs. 

My little cuz Bri. She is ridiculously cute.

I got a gift voucher for $150 from Perrier.

Yep, you guessed it Toasted Cruesli.

Lunch with Imo!

Shaun's Dragon ball Z cup made my day.

Shaun also got the coolest corduroy polo bucket hat. He is quite the stylish young lad.  

I will try be a better blogger now. Promise. 

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  1. i love how the bubble tea photos just kept on appearing, caption-less.