Saturday, October 27, 2012

Stuff I Like

Nike SB Koston 1's.

I have had my eye on Koston's for a while now, but I haven't pulled the trigger yet. Then I saw on Lorenzo's instagram that this colourway just dropped at Co-Lab and I had him put the size 7 aside for me strait away. Yayyyyy (oh god the last thing I need is more shoes).

More stuff I want to get after the jump:

Olive Green Nike Vintage Blazer.

So, these are pretty much perfection. The vintage blazers are definitely one of my favorite sneakers. My boy Shaun Goddard has at least 3 pairs and he loves them even more than I do. In fact he is the inspiration behind the next thing on my list too...

Polo Bucket Hat.

I have been trying to find a decent polo bucket hat for quite a while now. They are super rad and I definitely need one for this summer. But unlike Shaun(and from what I hear a lot of other young Auckland males) I don't spend hours and hours trolling through polo stuff on ebay to find the hidden gems. Maybe I will give that a go in the holidays. Plus if Rick Ross wears one it, it must be cool.

Huffer Denim Dungarees.

These just came out, and I know that already KatherineSarah Theo, Ana(from Huffer) and Emma(from Area 51) have them and Sarah Mason is getting them when she's back from LA(so jelly). They are a really nice coloured demin and they look awesome on. So of course I want some for myself now.

Karen Walker Flower Cluster Ring from the Botanical collection.

I don't normally like rings. But this one would be nice, just to wear on your middle finger with no other rings on(I think wearing lots of rings is just annoying and ugly). Plus recently I have started loving gold jewelry.

Pendleton Passport Wallet.

It's just a wallet you can wear around your neck! Awesome! I would never need a bag again. I could just put my sunglasses on my head and my phone in my pocket and (as Pebbles' dad would say)boom!

There is more stuff I want but I am too sleepy to put it up. 
Work tomorrow. Gah.


  1. Me and my friend Mollie are making hats over summer if your into this kinda thing feel free to flick me an email and I can hook you up, its early days hardly ralph lauren but we are trying. PS love your blog :)

  2. Koston... After Eric Koston, skateboarder. Thank me later.