Monday, November 12, 2012

Photo Diaries

Drawings for uni.

I have finally finished uni!!!!!(for the year). So of course I am pretty happy at the moment. It feels especially good cos I don't think I have felt like this in a long time. I have been so stressed out for what feels like forever. Not just because of uni work but just because I wasn't sure where I am going/what I am doing with my life and my studies and stuff.
Part of the reason I am so happy is because I have also decided to change what I am going to study next year. I'm not 100% sure what I am changing to yet, but I have a few options. All things I know I really want to do. I think I may have some how managed to find myself in a place where I have a little bit of direction, and it only took me 15 mental breakdowns to get here!

Now that it is the summer holidays I will have a crap load of free time. I want to... run, eat fruit, read books, watch movies, get a tan, learn to surf, do some art that I don't hate, go away to the bach, learn more songs on the guitar, go to Kelly Tarltons, learn to cook, throw a dinner party, throw a bbq party, throw my 21st party, get my iPhone 5, buy an awesome case for my iPhone 5 and clean my room. I will hopefully do something slightly more productive too. We'll have to see about that.
So that was what I want to do, and here is what I've been doing...

Made Lily's 21st invite... still haven't even made my own.

Sarah came back from LA! Check out her blog to hear all about it.

My aunt Ange got a new kitten! Plus she lives next door so I can go see it whenever I want.

Caitlin got this rad APC Carhartt tee.

One of my final pieces for my exhibition with a rainbow in it.

Caitlin and I.

Caitlin in a tree.


Lily is now a Hulu addict like me.

Rose at the AUT Rookie show.

Art in the Dark.

Will at Art in the Dark.

We got 1m of pizza for our computer party on Sunday(computer parties are the best parties).

I have no excuse to be a crap blogger anymore now I am on holiday.

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