Monday, December 3, 2012

Clusters at Pencil Boutique

Last week I installed one of my artworks in the window of Pencil Boutique on High St. The work is called 'Clusters' and is hand cut from paper and card. I am sort of obsessed with these triangle web shapes at the moment. I'm really happy with how it turned out. 
Go and have a look if you're in the area, it will be up for a wee while I think... Well until Pebbles gets sick of it and asks me to take it down. 
I'm working on making some smaller works on paper over the summer break. I'll keep ya'll updated on the blog if, and when I make some stuff I like. 
Art is so much more fun when you are not being forced to do it, and when you don't have to think about what you tutor might have to say about it.


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